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Excellent AKG Microphones and Headphones

Sound shapes our world in more ways than imaginable. Consumers place a premium on experiencing high-quality sound, whether it’s blasting your favorite song or watching the latest blockbuster flick. Since 1947, established by the knowledge and guidance of founders Dr. Rudolf Goerike and Emst Pless, AKG has been delivering superior sound devices to customers and professionals all over the world. With a long history of engineering expertise and sound knowledge, the brand is now considered one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of professional-grade microphones, headphones, and wireless sound systems. They are trusted by music-lovers and sound professionals across the globe, and have been recognized as a reliable name in sound. With a true love for music, the company is continuously improving their products to give their consumers the very best.

AKG Offers Headphones & Earphones at Best Prices in the Philippines

The brand has a great selection of personal listening devices available for sale. They have AKG ear headphones, also known as in-ear buds, which are perfect for everyday use. These are small speakers that sit just outside the ear canal and are secured by rubber ear tips. These tips provide a degree of passive noise cancellation, so the sound comes out crystal clear. The brand also has a great range of headphones that are designed to produce studio-quality sound. These come in various designs according to the needs of the user. On-the-go music lovers may opt for the AKG foldable headphones because these can be easily stashed into small bags. There are also AKG Bluetooth headphones for those who want wireless freedom when blasting their music while on the move. You can find the best AKG headphones in the Philippines that will suit your style and budget by heading over to your trusted online shopping site.

Why choose AKG?

  • AKG has a long history and track record of excellent quality and performance.
  • The brand boasts of superior sound know-how.
  • The brand is trusted by sound professionals and music lovers worldwide.


  • Description: The brand offers a diverse lineup of on-ear headphones and over-ear headphones. These are large speakers on either side of the head with ear pads for comfortable long-term use.
  • Features: These are made with an adjustable headband to fit comfortably on any user. These are engineered to produce professional sound quality and accurate reproduction. The ear pads provide passive noise cancellation, but most are designed with active noise cancellation software.
  • Usage: These are perfect for professional studio use and are ideal for sound design production, mixing, and mastering.


  • Description: These are small personal listening devices that are compatible with almost every audio-capable device. They are small in-ear buds with rubber or silicone ear tips.
  • Features: The rubber ear tips come in various sizes to suit the different sizes of ear canal, and provide passive noise cancellation. Most are designed with an in-line microphone which doubles as a remote control. They are designed to produce studio-quality sound.
  • Usage: These are great for personal music listening on a daily basis. They are lightweight and compact so they can be easily and conveniently used and stored almost everywhere.