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Ace BT-K008 Surround Sound Home Theater Soundbar withBluetooth(Black)  

1 Year Local Manufacturer Warranty
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This item may be returned to Lazada (depending on the reason) within the applicable 7 day or 14 day return period, in accordance with the Lazada return process and policy. After the lapse of the 7 day or 14 day periods, in case the item is covered by a manufacturer, supplier, and/or seller warranty, you can get the contact details of the manufacturer, supplier, and/or seller from Lazada via chat through The contact details may also be found on the product page.

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  • Surround Sound
  • Fashion Style
  • Clear Voice
  • 8 speakers
  • With Amplifier
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Can be placed on the wall
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1 Year Local Manufacturer Warranty
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Product details of Ace BT-K008 Surround Sound Home Theater Soundbar withBluetooth(Black)

Ace BT- K008 Surround Sound Home Theatre Soundbar with Bluetooth (Black) Crisp sound, surround sound system, high tech feature like Bluetooth connectivity, and a great look, what do you search for in a home theatre? If that's all you want your home theatre to deliver, then Ace BT- K008 Surround Sound Home Theatre Soundbar with Bluetooth (Black) is your perfect choice. This lucrative home theatre comes with a Built-in FM Radio and MP3 player that allows you to stay connected with your favourite tunes all the time. It allows you to connect your smartphone and jazz up your mood via USB ports.

Good old FM radio
The Ace BT- K008 Surround Sound Home Theatre Soundbar with Bluetooth (Black) comes with a built-in FM Radio. You can easily turn on the FM Radio stay tuned to the latest chartbusters or your favourite RJ's show with the grandeur of the Surround sound system.

Audiophile goodies
The home theatre is built to submerge your senses in the depths of music you long for. Experience the crisp and booming sound coming out of this mesmerising sound system. The home theatre is intricately designed in such a manner to enable you catch all the minute beats and nuances of your favourite tune. The home theatre comes in with two ports that allow you to connect two microphones at a time. Enjoy karaoke sessions with your family and friends.

Connect in a Flash
Rise and embrace the advance technology offered by this smart and sassy home theatre. This amazing device allows you to easily connect to your smartphones via Bluetooth and access all your favourite songs available there. It is much easier to play music available in any format with the built-in MP3 player of the home theatre. The home theatre is also equipped to support SD card and connect other devices through its USB port. It is perfect for all music enthusiasts. The device allows you to connect your laptop and PC as well. So you can enjoy non-stop music while you are still playing your favourite games on your system.

Space saver
The sleek and stylish design of the Ace BT- K008 Surround Sound Home Theatre Soundbar with Bluetooth (Black) is a perfect space saver. You can easily save a lot of space in your living room. The simple and stylish look of the home theatre is bound to fit in your home decor. It comes with a black shinny body that is designed to enhance the look of your living room. You can easily mount this home theatre on your wall to save crucial space on the ground.

Specifications of Ace BT-K008 Surround Sound Home Theater Soundbar withBluetooth(Black)

What's in the box:
  • 1 x Ace BT-K008 Surround Sound Home Theater Soundbar with Bluetooth (Black)
  • 1 x Remote
  • 1 x 3.5mm to RCA jack/wire
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x User's Manual
General Features:
Color Black
Curved TV No
Model BT-K008
Size (L x W x H cm) 100 x 20 x 25
Weight (kg) 6
Warranty period 1 Year
Warranty type Local Manufacturer Warranty
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  • Three Stars
    1 year ago
    Somebody was right when he said, " it depends on where youre coming from, sound wise. If you have been listening to built in tv speakers then this is a step up. But if you got those home theaters already, this product is just so so. I bought this at 3100 pesos plus and I find this a bit expensive.

    The good thing:
    1. Looks elegant
    2. and the sound is good and load, definitely is a step up from my flat TV built in speakers.

    What sucks:
    1. The bass could be better, meaning lower lows please.
    2. also there is the mandatory delivery charge because of the item being bulky.
    3. Delivery date was delayed by over by 5 days.

    All in all I'm satisfied with this product but I should have bought this near 2000 pesos all in.
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  • Despite what other reviewers say, it's not that good.
    1 year ago
    I was hoping that the reviewers knew what they were talking about. Sadly, you get what you pay for. The specs say 60 watts RMS (20x2 + 40sub), my old 20Wx2 Sony compo is louder and has more bass. The sound is not clear, it's like the midrange frequencies are more pronounced, slightly better than the built-in speakers of my TV. Overall, not a good purchase.
    Lesson learned: if you are after good sound, this is not the soundbar for you, it's better to stick with the reliable brands. But if you're fine with CDRKing-esque sound, go for it.
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  • great product!
    1 year ago
    got mine last week! sayang di ko cya nabili when it was tagged at P1999, but P2500 range doesn't look so bad anyways. may voucher pa so still a good buy for me. :)
    ok, the product: great sound for an entry level home theater system! yup, skeptical din ako at first, even after reading the good reviews, pero i still bought it. damn! it doesn't sound basag even with the volume maxed out, the bluetooth works great (only disconnects when the audio source is idle, or out of range), FM radio sounds good (it stays with the current station when you turn it back on), and i love the volume controls on the subwoofer side! may 2 mic slots pa but i haven't tested them yet, nakakabit kasi sa PC ko yung subwoofer hehehe!!
    overall, a good find, hindi kayo magsisisi. para sa mga naka budget! obviously JBL pa rin ang first option ko pero this one stood it's ground (di papatalo). thanks lazada!
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  • My Movie Experience is EXPLODING
    1 year ago
    For the guy who says its not that good.
    Use the remote sir and find your own equalizer mode.
    I Got mine for the Price of Php1,799.00
    Got no complains about it.
    Sound like 4k :D

    The 8 speaker soundbar itself is very powerfull. It can supply its own bass sound in the very good audio quality. The subwoofer serves its main controll and it also supplies the now noticeable bass if go through higher volume level.
    To achieve your ideal audio quality you gotta learn to use the equalizer.
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  • Ok nman ang sound
    1 year ago
    Ok ang sounds nya sulit sa price may Bluetooth saksakan ng mike dilang gumagana sa TV sira cguro ung jack try ko palitan Kung gagana. Sound nya is ok nman PEO nothing special Kung compare Mo s mga branded my distortion cya pag to-do Mo ang volume kulang dn sa surround sound. Sound nya pasado padin score ko ng 3out of 5. gusto ko ung size nya. Mabilis ang delivery SNA tumagal cya SNA pagandahin pa ng ace ang sounds ng next speaker nil kahit mahal ng konte at oorder ako
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  • best buy for your money
    1 year ago
    i bought this unit for 1999.. sulit n sulit sya.. ngulat ako ksi 10inch by 10inch ang subwoofer nya ineexpect ko maliit liit lng.. saktong saktong buhay ang bass and me equalizer p sa gilid.. kea pde nyu timplahin to suit your preference.. kabog tlga and best is my Bluetooth connectivity na unlike other branded khot cdrking n sound bar..
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  • Good enough
    1 year ago
    It's good enough for the price. Overall, the sound is a lot better than most TVs but nothing spectacular.
    - Stereo imaging is very narrow.
    - The claim to surround sound is pure hype. The sound field is dead center and trails off quickly beyond 10 degrees to the sides. It's also impossible to generate surround sound with only a 2-channel RCA for input.
    - Mid range is ok. A bit forward,which is an advantage when watching dialog heavy TV shows.
    - Highs lacks sparkle and remains flat despite aggressive boosting via the built-in control.
    - Bass lacks articulation, impact; and becomes muddy at high volume; but it does improve after about 10 hours of use. It also helps to place the sub on the floor.
    - Overall, the sound is neutral and remains relatively uncolored. Dialogs comes across clear but not crisp.
    - The amp and controls would have been better if placed on the bar instead of the sub.
    - The lack of an LCD display is a serious omission.
    - The radio section and BT do get loud. However, TV's and other devices connected to the AUX does not. It seems the amp does not handle AUX input correctly.
    - Watching movies would only lead to disappointment. The weak bass makes makes good sounding movies sound uninspired and flat.
    - As a saving grace, details are good even though it's hampered by poor stereo imaging. It does scale up and responds relatively well to better input sources.
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  • "Misleading Description." *wink* *wink*
    1 year ago
    This is a huge set of speakers and sub woofer!!! Need to buy a new tv stand as soundbar can no longer fit hehe. As for the sound once you configure it to your liking its a MONSTER!!! Good job Lazada!
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  • Good quality product !
    1 year ago
    I've got mine and I'm very satisfied. clear sound, deep bass-but not so loud(need to have some equalizer app on your player(phone) to enhance sound output....easy to pair with BT. All functions are doing well...tested full volume for 8 hrs., I've been using it now for 3 days, so far, no worries...for me, it sounds better than my Edifier X600....All in all, awesome product, yet inexpensive, looks like a high-end brand - 1,999php + 530php shipping... securely packed when delivered to me, but it took quite long to receive my order...anyway, thanks a lot Lazada. more power !
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  • So frustrating!!!
    1 year ago
    Lazada better review your delivery SLA. If you advised your customer that order will be delivered within the day then make sure you deliver it that day. Otherwise don't over promise but under deliver! This is already my third time to encounter such incompetence.
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