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Oontz Philippines Finally Gives You the Angle 3 Speaker

One of the most amazing things that the Bluetooth speaker technology has showcased for their audiences are their complete functionality and powerful hardware, all coming in one compact and portable device. Some of the high-end audio devices could have optimum audio performances, while an elite few can provide crisp, clean, and powerful audio, filling a large room with music and sounds from one simple device. And if you are looking for such premium and downright rugged Bluetooth speaker, the Oontz Angle 3 is the perfect gadget that you are looking for.

The Oontz brand is one of the many subgroups of the Cambridges Soundworks company, distributing the perfect and able audio devices for a much younger demographic. Take the Oontz Angle 3, for example, combining the latest and premium technologies for quality audio, and putting it inside a small, compact, and robust design that is still as high-end and as portable as any audio device that people are looking forward to. This wireless speaker comes with a triangular prism design, and weighs less than a pound, but comes with all the advancements and durability needed to call this as a luxury item for music fans. Aside from the audio capacity, this device also has the needed toughness and resistance to elements like water and sand, perfect as the right speaker to blast out quality sounds for parties and social outings.

Experience the Top Portable Audio Device with the Oontz Angle 3, Available Online

The Oontz Angle 3 is noted for being the top Bluetooth speaker that people can buy, due to the three elements that this brand boasts to their target audience. In terms of hardware and specs alone, the Angle 3 has a lot going, coming in with a robust and rugged design that makes this shock and water resistant, protecting the pair of precision acoustic drivers put inside the speaker. This device can blast loud sounds from its interface, all without disrupting the song and music’s clarity and fidelity. The speaker also boasts the best and optimized bass sounds that are really deep, but can still maintain and not drown out the mids and highs of the sound produced. The Bluetooth speaker made by Cambridge Soundworks is also properly designed so that the price range wouldn’t be as high as other speakers, maintaining its target audience as a portable and powerful audio device for students and teens.

The Oontz Angle 3 pretty much has earned its name as the “Best-Seller” audio device in the U.S., as well as the most anticipated portable and wireless sound system that will be available worldwide. In the Philippines, people no longer need to wait as this high-end and tough audio device is now available exclusively at the top online shopping site in the country today.