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Western Digital Philippines Goes Big in Philippines

Western Digital Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of computer hard disk drives in the world. Founded on April 23, 1970 by Alvin B. Phillips, WDC or WD has a long history as a maker of integrated circuits, as well as storage products. Western Digital’s dependable hard drives and solid state drives are everywhere as long as digital content can be found. With WD’s wide range of storage devices, you will surely find something for you.

The Western Digital Drive

WD’s name has always been synonymous with data storage. Their products are top of the line, and are built to safe keep your digital files for years. Western Digital offers external drives with different storage capacities, from 500GB (for their more portable drives) up to 12TB (bulkier drives that are meant to be at home only). If you want something portable but with a bigger content volume, Western Digital offers handy external drives with 1TB of space. Just always ensure that you invest in an external disk drive that possesses quality like no other.

Why should you choose Western Digital?

  • Long history of data storage, file protection, and file sharing
  • One of the storage brands with the fastest file transfer and write-speeds
  • Leader in the industry, having clients ranging from personal home use, to SMBs and large companies.

    Western Digital Internal HDD Storage

  • WD Blue series: The brand’s casual and often marketed hard disk drive. The WD Blue is color coded as the most versatile in speed and memory. This HDD is often used for home PCs and a few laptops, often boasting high connectivity with any computer.
  • WD Green: The WD Green is the brand’s business-type computer hard disk, build specifically for quiet performance and relatively larger storage capacity. The Green HDD has a max capacity of 6TB, made to store any computer program or file.
  • WD Black: The WD Black is Western Digital’s gaming HDD, built with very fast transfer speeds and powerful processing of transferred files and documents. This hard disk can also help maximize the overall performance of a desktop it is equipped in.

    Western Digital Desktop External Hard Disk Drive

  • WDD Elements Desktop: This bulky, immersive, and stationary HDD is classified as the basic external hard drive for desktops. This large device houses 2TB – 3 TB high speed storage, allowing you to transfer and store files using a USB 3.0 end
  • WDD My Book: The My Book is the brand’s premium desktop storage device, with variants reaching up to 12TB in storage capacity. The hard disk also comes with the RAID program that organizes all the files stored onto it, and maximizing the memory of the device.
  • WDD My Book for Mac: This external storage is made specifically to store files created from a Mac. Artists who use a media-form Mac PC can use this bulky storage device, to connect and transfer all your creative work using USB 3.0.

    WD Portable External Hard Drive

  • WD Elements Portable: Made using similar technology with the Elements HDD, this portable external device houses simple, but fast processing powers and reliable storage
  • WD Passport Ultra: The series that would specifically cover all portable external hard drives, the WD Passport displays sleek and slim form factors, allowing you to carry this peripheral wherever you go. This device is also capable of write protection, and is compatible with any Windows or MacOS devices.
  • WD My Passport Pro: Unlike several of the external hard drives, this device is made specifically for the Mac, due to its Thunderbolt connectivity. Aside from its different form factor, the hard disk also sports high storage capacity and faster transfer speeds between Apple deivces.