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Brand: Nickelodeon
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The Nickelodeon Experience Hits the Philippines

The orange brand has finally arrived in the Philippines! The station that brought people the popular kids shows like SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer, as well as some of the teen series like Sam & Cat and Legend of Korra is going to spread more fun in the form of different accessories and items that kids would surely love. The Nickelodeon brand has been around for quite some time, bringing in funny and family-friendly media that most people would enjoy watching. Over the years, people have seen the creativity that this channel has brought its audiences, integrating the kids’ preferences and ways of life toward their programs. This relatedness not only made the channel popular, but also connected with their fan base. Today, the group has successfully made well over many accessories and items, based on their series and characters that kids would want to have.

Immerse Yourself with the Proper Nick Items

The Nickelodeon brand is the home of many popular cartoon characters, some of which are still relevant today, despite their respective shows ending. The number of their exclusive items range from clothes and apparel, to toys and figurines, and even some of the past shows available through DVD. The group also makes it a point to make their varying items are available everywhere; from the available retail shops and toy stores, to an available and connective online shopping sites that can be accessed anywhere in the country. If your kid is a big fan of the different shows in Nickelodeon, reward him or her with the proper products sold by the big orange company in the Philippines.

Why go for the Items by Nickelodeon?

  • The Nickelodeon network is a fun and exciting cable network that shows different programs for kids and teens
  • The group has a lot of items and products in their inventory, all marked and designed with their favorite Nick characters.
  • These themed items are not only fun to have, but quite useful in the long-run

    Nickelodeon Toys

  • Toy Figures: The different figures offered are usually based out of the characters and protagonists of the different TV shows. These toys are made for design and decorating a room
  • Dolls: Similar to the action figures, the Nick dolls are made based on the different characters of the network. These dolls can come in as plush, fairy dolls and figurines
  • Replica Toys: The brand’s replica toys all showcase the different items and accessories as seen with the different TV shows. You can play with the swords similar to the TMNT, or wear toy accessories, the same as Korra.

    Nickelodeon Clothes and Apparel

  • Shirts: Wear the appropriate clothes, designed with the characters and logos of some of the famous Nick shows. There are different Nickelodeon shirts for both boys and girls.
  • Bags: Whether you are going to school or a trip, you can impress other kids with your properly designed Nickelodeon bags
  • Hats: Similar to their customized shirts, the Nickelodeon brand, also comes with the designs and characters from Nickelodeon. You can choose different styles and make of the caps and hat available

    Nickelodeon DVDs

  • Season DVDs: Relive and watch the different Nickelodeon shows all over again, with the brand’s original DVD series, containing seasonal episodes and programs of your favorite Nick shows
  • Original DVDs: Get something original with these Nick DVDs containing special episodes, and never-before-seen episodes of your favorite and exclusive shows on Nickelodeon
  • Kids’ Programs: The Nickelodeon shows aren’t limited to the trademarked shows put into TV. There are also some shows exclusive to DVDs. For the brand, these disc-only shows are only made for kids.