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EQ Beyond the Limits

Economy and quality are the primary factors when parents choose the disposable diapers for their children, and that is what EQ stands for as it creates products for the common consumers. Filipino consumers are mostly concerned with the affordability of the product that they are going to buy, their hard earned money should be spent well and its value should reflect on every product that they exchange it for. Quality is measurable with the features and material of the item, the leak guards, tapes, and waist band should be snug and fit but not too tight while the covers are breathable so that baby's skin do not get irritated. With this, read on for the features of the disposable diapers offered by EQ to assess how much it can help you and your baby.

EQ Diapers Mothers' and Celebrities' Choice

EQ disposable diapers are comfortable for babies that is why celebrity mothers have endorsed the said brand. Its flagship product, EQ Plus, is the cheaper one, but it doesn't mean that it is gives you less benefits, these actually has well and improved waist band so it will fit even the kids are playful. EQ Dry has side leak guards with highly absorbent core that give your babies a more comfortable feeling. Search for the product that will suit the needs of your babies and toddlers from your favorite online shop.

Why choose EQ diapers?

  • This brand offers very cute design looks good on your sweet little angel
  • These diapers are made of high quality material
  • This brand is recommended by trusted working moms in show business and current affairs
  • EQ is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to disposable diapers

    EQ Dry

  • Recommended Age:EQ Dry is ideally made for 0-36 month old kids
  • Sizes: These diapers are available in S, M, L, XL, and XXL sizes
  • Features: EQ Dry comes with 100% breathable color cottony cover, wider magic tapes, side leak guards, elastic waistband, and bubble top sheet features
  • Additional Features: It has a long lasting hold of wetness and can be use for long time

    EQ Plus

  • Recommended Age:EQ PLus is also made for kids 0-36 months old
  • Sizes:These diapers are available in S, M, L, XL, and XXL
  • Features: This kind of diaper has 100% breathable cottony cover, leak guards and wetness indicators
  • Additional Features: With its wetness indicator, you are able to know when to change the diaper of your baby