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Always Go Back to Basics with the TDK Headphones

Japanese brand TDK started as a maker and distributor of all things related to music and storage. This is quite a combination, if you look at it at today’s standards, but decades ago, these two computer and media aspects were more or less connected. You see music were all stored on external devices like cassette tapes and laser disks. Soon, TDK found themselves making CDs and DVDs that are used for albums and music collections. The company focused on storage for years making memory disks, USBs, and SD cards for computers. But a few years back, and the brand has gone back to its roots, this time making dependable TDK earphones and headphones that people can use with their devices. Eventually, the brand got to develop its own speakers and other audio systems.

TDK Philippines Offers Headphones, Speakers, And More

Compared to other headsets and audio devices produced by the other big names, TDK solely focuses on delivering the best quality music to listeners through their own brand of earphones and headsets. This means fewer gimmicks and features, and more on technical specs and hardware. The TDK headphones are a bit traditional, using what works in audio, and enhancing them in order to provide Hi-Fi sounds that listeners can usually enjoy. TDK has been on the audio business since the 1930’s, so there’s no denying that they can pull off amazing headphones even through the basics. If you are looking for a proper headphones and audio devices in the Philippines, TDK can be the proper personal audio device that can suit you. Find the full price list of available TDK products on your trusted internet shopping website.

Why choose TDK ?

  • One of the most seasoned music device makers worldwide
  • Devices are made specifically to blast Hi-Fi sounds through the headphone drivers
  • Products are very durable and the functions won’t diminish over time
  • The traditional make of the headphones make them easier to use, i.e. plug and play.

    TDK Wireless Headphones

  • WR700: This over the ear-type headphones skips the Bluetooth technology, instead making use of a wireless dongle to connect to your device. The 3.5mm wireless jack goes to your device, and automatically syncs to the headphones, making this more connected than other Bluetooth devices. Connectivity-aside, these headphones provide Hi-Fi sounds with minimal ambient noise present.
  • WR780: These ergonomic cans provide the latest technologies TDK has to offer. The wireless headphones connect via NFC and Bluetooth, providing you with different avenues to connect these with any of your devices. The solid earcups also houses the headphones’ controls and volume, allowing you easy access to all its functions.
  • WR680: This more connective headset also uses NFC and Bluetooth to partner with any of your device wirelessly, specifically your phone. If the cans’ Li-ion battery runs out, you can continue listening using the headphones’ removable jack, connecting your phone to your audio device.

    TDK On-ear headphones

  • NC 150 : The brand’s high-end headphones that focuses on eliminating ambient noise. This device comes with active noise cancelling, enclosed on a comfortable and fitting on-ear earcups. This pair of headphones connect to your device through a plated audio jack.
  • ST410: This DJ-style headphones exudes power and sound through its 50mm dynamic drivers. The adjustable earcups and cushioned interior also makes this one of the more comfortable headphones made by the group. Sound is also cleaned through its 3.5mm plated audio jack
  • MPi110: This over the ear headphones is specifically made for smartphone uses, giving you a degree of operation of your device from your pocket. You can use the headphones to answer your calls through its built-in controls, and talk to your friends through its mic. These headphones are also made for your phone’s music player, allowing you to skip tracks and play/pause music from your music app.

    TDK earphones

  • TDK EB series: The EB line of earphones is the brand’s diverse line of portable listening devices. These earphones can connect to your devices using its plated audio jack, and stream music through its 9mm stereo drivers
  • TDK Smartphone-ready : These earphones are made specifically for smartphone use. Similar to the MPi110, the audio devices under this category have built-in controls for your phone, and an optimum connectivity through the most known brands, maximizing the capacity of the phones to distribute music.