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Silicon Power

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Brand: Silicon Power
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Silicon Power

Silicon Power: True Storage Devices For Business

Computer storage devices have been quite fundamental for most people these days, using the dependable USBs and memory cards to store and transfer needed files from one device to the other. Every type of venture needs some form of computer storage in order to complete the tasks they need to keep their activities going. In fact, the different fields all rely now on faster and larger storage capacities that they need to constantly update to keep all of their assets within their group’s private storage. In terms of storage for businesses and corporate industries, Silicon Power is a brand not to be missed.

Useful And Powerful Data Solutions From Silicon Power Philippines

Silicon Power is a Taiwanese-based international group that markets one of the expansive lines of portable storage devices all for business use. The group’s products include a mix of small storage devices, to the larger and more professional looking external hardware designed for superior file transfer. Alongside the brand’s competitive usage of Silicon Power products and the hardware, the group also aims to make the most ideal form of their devices, releasing SD cards, external drives, and power banks that are appealing to the eyes, and easy to handle overall. With a broad range of products that are all pleasing to the eyes, and also very useful for business, you are surely getting the best out of both worlds with a reliable device from the brand. Check out the price list of Silicon Power products available at your preferred online shopping site.

Why choose Silicon Power?

  • The group is a leader of portable storage products, all aimed for business use.
  • The group’s line of products all fit the title of “good performance, better design”.
  • The group has also manufactured different devices that are also sure to be bought by any person who need such devices

Silicon Power Philippines

    Silicon Power Small Storage Devices

  • USB Flash Drives: The brand’s USB flash drives all carry fast transfer speeds while maintaining a professional look among the different devices. These USBs come in 2.0 and 3.0 variants, all with different designs to suit their different uses. The USBs can reach up to 64GB of storage.
  • SD/ MicroSD Cards: If you are planning for a perfect expansion storage for your digital cameras and mobile devices, then a proper Silicon Power memory card can be a proper option. The memory cards come in SD and microSD formats, with capacity up to 128GB and can transfer files up to 75MB per second.
  • Compact Flash Cards: This group is one of the few to manufacture a full 128GB compact flash card for high-end cameras. The brand’s line of compact flash devices can transfer data up to 80MB per sec, and read videos and photos up to 120MB per sec.

    Large Storage Devices

  • External Hard Drives: Larger and more useful, the external hard drives of the brand are the most expansive and very professional-looking of the group, making the best out of the devices that the group has. These come in storage capacities up to 4TB, with USB 3.0 and 2.0 interface. The 3.0 device’s size-range making it more compatible with a desktop.
  • SD/ SSD Storage Devices: The Solid State Drive is the newest form of internal computer storage that the group recently possessed. The SSD makes use of their USB technology to bring out very fast and expansive storage that reaches up to 960GB of storage, and can transfer files up to 500MB per sec.
  • Computer RAMs: Silicon Power has also developed the best RAM that you can install on your PC. These compatible computer memory can come in standard and SDRAM format all up to DDR4 compatibility.