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The Sony PlayStation Series: Gaming Becoming Popular

For some people, the rise of the gaming industry can be attributed with e-sports and PC gaming becoming as advanced as it is today. Others would argue that the commercial success of the different gaming consoles put gaming back on track on the public. Whichever you side on, there can’t be any doubt that gaming is at its highest point right now. And one of the brands that is providing continuous progress with regards to the console gaming prowess is the Sony PlayStation series.

A lot of people today are familiar with this impressive gaming series brought about by Sony. The first console came out in 1994 and revolutionized the use of optical discs, allowing players to play multiple games on the device. Fast-forward to today, and its different iterations today make this one of the best and innovative inventions made recently. The features of the new PlayStation consoles even make them perfect as multimedia devices that can play different content, access different apps, and even connect to the Internet.

The Sony PlayStation Provides All Entertainment Possible

The Sony PlayStation series serves as one of the largest sub-brands that Sony has right now, due to the advancements and technology needed to produce the finest devices that people can play with. The Ever since the first PS device was made; Sony reiterated its use as not just gaming devices but also multimedia apparatuses. The PS1 played VCDs, the PS2 can play DVDs, while the PS3 and PS4 could play online content, and even be used as proper devices for Netflix and other entertainment that you can download and watch. The options for the PS are endless, making this one of the best devices that any person or family should play. The PlayStation is very well available in the country today. You can even buy the latest of the gaming console series on a trusted online shopping site in the country today.

Why go for the Sony PlayStation Consoles?

  • The iconic PlayStation series is one of the longest sub brands developed by Sony for gaming. .
  • The PS consoles are made to be more than just gaming devices, coming in with different features and uses for a well-rounded entertainment device.
  • The PS4 console also comes with different games and titles, coming from third-party developers that trust the console with their games.

    Sony PlayStation 3

  • Overview : The Sony PlayStation 3, the previous gaming console of the seventh generation provided a lot of firsts in the enhancement of the gaming console. This is also the gaming device that added a lot of functionalities that would be later added to other gaming devices.
  • Features : The PS3 is the first gaming device to transition to HD, allowing games to be played on 1080p Full-HD resolutions. The console uses Blu-ray, giving this device the ability to go digital with its content. The PS3 is also the first home console in the series to have full online connectivity via the PSN.
  • Other Components : The PS3 is also the first console to use wireless controllers with the Dual-Shock 3 gamepad, connecting to the console via wireless Bluetooth connectivity. The console also integrated basic motion controls with the PSEye and PSMove controller.

    Sony PlayStation 4

  • Overview : The latest of Sony’s gaming devices, the Sony PS4 highlights all of the advantages and advancements that the gaming device has brought gamers through the years. The PS4 also comes with an expanded library of games, from remastered titles to new games for the console.
  • Features : The PS4 still incorporates Blu-ray disc formats for their games, allowing you to play more titles in the console. The PS4 also comes with an updated PSN connectivity, allowing players to go online and compete with other players around the world in online multiplayer games.
  • Other Components : The PS4 comes with the new Dual-Shock 4 controller, upgrading wireless joystick controls with the touch interface and more responsive gameplay. The PS4 also has the PSCamera device, which allows fully-realized motion controls and accurate face scanning and rendering, putting the actual player’s face among the graphics on the games.

    PlayStation Vita

  • Overview : The PlayStation console goes portable with the PS Vita. A successor to the PSP device, this handheld console introduces new generation of mobile gaming by providing expansive games and features that is exclusive to the console.
  • Features : The PS Vita is the first Sony console to use solid-state chips as storage for the games. The device also comes with HD and advanced rendering of graphics that is even superior to the PS2. The Vita also included a lot of exclusive games that cannot even be played on the other PS consoles
  • Other Components : The PS Vita comes with the standard console and power cable for charging. Storing save files and gamedata is done through the console’s own memory card, while games can be played and installed using Vita’s original game chips.