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Bags: Best Prices in the Philippines

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Bag Styles to Choose From

When looking for a new bag to tote around on a daily basis or special occasions, there are many bag styles to choose from; there are hand bags, clutches, shoulder bags, tote bags, cross-body bags, and backpacks. Brands such as David Jones, Bags in the City, CELINE, and more are available for you to choose from.

If you are going to purchase a new bag, it is important to also consider the material it is made with, may it be leather, faux leather, canvas, or nylon. Sometimes, designers create bags wherein they mix the materials. For example, a canvas bag having leather straps. However, not everybody likes bags with mixed material as this can be an acquired taste. Women’s bags also make great gifts to family and friends who are bag-lovers, or who could use a new bag. For students or sporty types of women, backpacks would be of good use for them. Jansport is made with durable materials like CORDURA brand of fabrics.

The Shopper’s Bag

In the past couple of years, Filipinos are starting to become more eco-friendly, hence their start of using shopper’s bags. Instead of using paper bags and plastic bags when they purchase, people started bringing their own tote or shopper’s bag to grocery shopping, or just shopping in general. These bags are a lot cheaper than your typical stylish leather bag since the tote or shopper’s bag is often made with canvas or a light-weight material that can be foldable and put inside your main bag. If you are looking for market bags, check brands like Pagry and Bags in the City have an assortment of tote bags with a similar style yet different prints and colors.

Bags that You can Use Several Different Ways

If you are a bag-enthusiast, you must be aware of the bag trends in the fashion industry that come and go. With the fast-paced world of fashion, choose a classic bag that would never go out of style to be practical – especially if the bag that you plan on buying is solely for special occasions. However, for your everyday bag, there are now bags that you can use in several different ways. One minute it’s a hand bag, and it can be a cross-body bag on the next! A multi-tasking bag is great to accessorize day-to-night outfits.