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Hot Wheels Toys & Games

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Brand: Hot Wheels
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Hot Wheels Basic Car (Assorted)
(1 reviews)
  • One (1) pc Hot Wheels Basic Car Selected in Random
  • Highly detail car miniature
  • Made in cast iron
  • 1:64 car model
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up
₱ 189.75
Hot Wheels Monster Jam 1:64 Grave Digger
(1 reviews)
  • Recommended for 3 years and above
  • Truck has die-cast body with plastic chassis and roll cages
  • 1: 64 scale
  • Dimensions (in inches): 6.9 x 4.6 x 2.6
₱ 449.75 -11%
₱ 504.75
₱ 3,000.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 189.51
Hot Wheels Hotbox Plus 2 Basic Car
  • Age: 3 years and above
  • Stores up to 15 cars
  • Includes 2pcs 1:64 scale Diecast 
  • Your kids will enjoy the hot box carry case, a perfect gift for the little boys
₱ 499.75 -7%
₱ 539.75
Hot Wheels Basic Car (Assorted) 10pcs with free 1987 TOYOTA PICK UP (FFY64)
(3 reviews)
  • Ten (10) pcs Hot Wheels Basic Car Selected in Random
  • Free One (1) pc Hot Wheels® 1987 TOYOTA PICK UP
  • Highly detail car miniature
  • Made in cast iron
  • 1:64 car model
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up
₱ 1,499.75 -35%
₱ 2,299.50
Hot Wheels 1:64 Monster Jam - Superman
  • Hot Wheels 1:64 Monster Jam - Superman
₱ 504.75
Hot Wheels Basic Car Buy 2 + 1 (Assorted)
(4 reviews)
  • Highly detail car miniature
  • Made in cast iron
  • 1:64 car model
  • selected ramdomly
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up
₱ 369.00 -33%
₱ 554.00
Hot Wheels Lamborghini - Murcielago
₱ 249.75
Hotwheels Elite F12 Berlinetta 1:18 Scale (Blue)
(1 reviews)
  • Age: 10 years and up
  • Officially licensed Hotwheels toy car
  • Exact copy of the 
  • Hotwheels Elite Ferrari F355  Berlinetta Blue in 1:18 scale
  • Choking hazard: Not suitable for children 3 years and below
₱ 3,500.00 -44%
₱ 6,199.75
Installment: 24 x ₱ 221.10
Hot Wheels Cobra Coil Playset
  • Age: 4 years and up
  • Features a variety of different sets and play patterns
  • Offers a dramatic win/lose moment for kids vs. a creature nemesis
  • Each set includes a villain and a Hot Wheels car
  • Hot Wheels car features the pattern showcased on the package
  • Perfect addition to any Hot Wheels collection
₱ 999.75
Hot Wheels® Turbo Race™ Track Set
(1 reviews)
  • Race and rally thrills reach the max with these two cool track sets.
  • Face off with friends or practice your speed.
  • Each set includes everything you need to get racing right out of the package:
  • orange Hot Wheels track, black banked turns, power blue launchers, finish line flags, and ramp lifts.
₱ 1,500.00
Hot Wheels® Drop Down Challenge™ Track Set
  • Thrilling racing and jumping action for two Hot Wheels cars!
  • Gravity powered launcher for a dramatic drop.
  • Side-by-side racing action.
  • Connects to other Hot Wheels track sets (sold separately).
  • Includes one Hot Wheels vehicle.
₱ 1,500.00
Hot Wheels® Race Case™ Track Set
  • Race and rank your favorite Hot Wheels® cars
  • Race Case lets boys store their collection of vehicles
  • then launch them into amped up racing action
  • offers side-by-side racing action
  • positions to rank your four fastest cars
₱ 1,099.75
Hot Wheels Workshop Track Builder Speedtropolis Track Set
(1 reviews)
  • Find big fun in the big city with this imaginative play set!
  • Features a penthouse, movie theater and parking garage
  • Multiple levels of push-around play
  • Connects to other Hot Wheels track sets (sold separately)
  • Includes one Hot Wheels vehicle
₱ 1,699.75
Hot Wheels Fast & Furious 8 Vehicle with Extra Kit - DODGE CHARGER
  • Hot Wheels Fast & Furious 8 Vehicle with Extra Kit - DODGE CHARGER
₱ 1,999.75
Hot Wheels Basic Car - Corvette C7 Z06 DC:962L
  • Hot Wheels Basic Car - Corvette C7 Z06 DC:962L
₱ 184.75
Hot Wheels Basic Car - Batmobile DC:962L
(1 reviews)
  • According to the Warner Bros. Studios lot, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batmobile combined inspiration from both the sleek, streamlined design of classic Batmobiles and the high-suspension, military build from the more recent Tumbler from The Dark Knight Trilogy.
  • They were also inspired by the 1989 Batmobile. Designed by production designer Patrick Tatopoulos and Dennis McCarthy, the Batmobile is about 20 feet long and 12 feet wide (6.1 m by 3.7 m).
  • Unlike previous Batmobiles, it has a gatling gun sitting on the front and the back tires are shaved down tractor tires.
  • The Batmobile elevates itself for scenes depicting it going into battle or when performing jumps, and lowers to the ground when cruising through the streets.
  • This Batmobile also appears in a flashback for Suicide Squad.
  • Born: 2015
  • Birthplace: GOTHAM CITY
  • Designer: BRUCE WAYNE
  • Specialty: First revealed in BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, this BATMOBILE features requisite gull wing doors, plus partial wheel covers and plenty of heavy artillery.
₱ 184.75
Hot Wheels Lamborghini - Reventon Roadster
₱ 249.75
Hot Wheels Straight Track 4 Pack Shop
(1 reviews)
  • Age: 4 years and above
  • Lets kids build out their racing world and test their skills and speed
  • Includes nearly four feet of strips of classic orange track
  • Has new, improved connectors
  • Add more sections of track to build a mega straightaway
₱ 239.75
Hot Wheels Drag Racing Case
  • Recommended for ages 4 years old and up
  • Race and rank your favorite Hot Wheels vehicles
  • Places for displaying your four fastest cars with handy storage underneath
  • Carrying handle for on-the-go play
  • Connects with other Hot Wheels tracks (sold separately) to build your racing world
  • Size: 11.25 x 16.10 x 3.20"
₱ 1,299.75
Hot Wheels 1:64 Monster Jam - Shark Shock
  • Hot Wheels 1:64 Monster Jam - Shark Shock
₱ 504.75
Hot Wheels 1:64 Monster Jam - Ice Monster
  • Hot Wheels 1:64 Monster Jam - Ice Monster
₱ 504.75
Hot Wheels 5 Car Gift Pack - Rescue Racers
  • Hot Wheels 5-car packs deliver five of the coolest 1:64 scale die-cast vehicles with unifying themes in one package.
  • Each pack is an instant collection! 
  • Age 3+
₱ 700.00
Hot Wheels® Mega Hauler™ Truck
(2 reviews)
  • This massive hauler can be loaded with more than 50 cars in its six expandable levels—and that’s just the beginning!
  • Connect the Mega Hauler to Hot Wheels® orange track and roll your cars into play!
  • Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.
₱ 1,300.00
Hot Wheels Spider-Man Movie - Power Rage
  • Hot Wheels and Spiderman fan will love this fun assortment of 1:64 scale diecast cars featuring realistic details and inspired-by decos from the Spiderman movie.
  • 1 x Hot Wheels Die Cast Spiderman Vehicle
₱ 249.75
Hot Wheels Spider-Man Movie - Jaded
  • Hot Wheels and Spiderman fan will love this fun assortment of 1:64 scale diecast cars featuring realistic details and inspired-by decos from the Spiderman movie.
  • 1 x Hot Wheels Die Cast Spiderman Vehicle
₱ 249.75
Hot Wheels Stunt & Go Truck Playset
  • Age: 4 years and up
  • The Hot Wheels traveling stunt show; pull up, pop open and perform EPIC stunts
  • Pull the truck from both ends to reveal a thrilling Hot Wheels stunt set
  • Adjustable, 4-speed launcher sends Hot Wheels cars through the big loop and onto the track!
  • This epic hauler holds up to 18 cars, includes one Hot Wheels car and it's an authentic loop and play set
  • Include 1 car
₱ 1,500.00 -32%
₱ 2,199.75
Hot Wheels® Color Shifters Color Splash Science Lab Play Set
  • Rescue the Color Shifters car trapped in the mad scientist's laboratory
  • Send your vehicle racing around the track to free the vehicle
  • If trapped, hit the release lever and race your car to safety
  • Three different color-change zones for Color Shifters fun
  • Comes with one Color Shifters car for thrills straight from the box
₱ 1,999.75
Hot Wheels Basic Car - 2017 Camaro Zl1 DC:962L
  • Collection: Camaro Fifty
  • Locked and fully loaded, the 2017 Camaro with its 650-hp supercharged V-8 engine has track domination firmly in its sights. Its lightweight, chiseled body and increased airflow make sharp turns a piece of cake for this track beast.
  • Availability: Mix K, Mid May
  • Sneak Peek: 5/5/17
₱ 184.75
Hot Wheels BMW - BMW M3 Gt2
  • Hot Wheels BMW - BMW M3 Gt2
₱ 249.75
Hot Wheels® Cobra Cave Track Set
(1 reviews)
  • Colorful, compelling trackset offers simple, yet classic Hot Wheels play
  • How high, how far, how fast will they go
  • Ready, set, race and see
  • Includes one super cool vehicle with bold detailing, sleek contouring and fierce style
  • A great gift that any boy is sure to love
₱ 549.75
Hot Wheels Core Trackset - Earthquake Alley
  • Build Hot Wheels® thrills with this assortment of connectable track sets!
  • Features deluxe stunting, launching and racing action!
  • With kid-favorite themes like Bulldoze Blast™, Trash Basher™ and more, there’s no end to the hours of fun kids can play out while racing their Hot Wheels® cars, speeding them down the track or launching upward to catch big air!
  • Each track set includes one Hot Wheels® car and a kid-powered launcher that doubles as a vehicle for twice the thrills and double the value!
  • Each sold separately, subject to availability.
  • Colors and decorations may vary.
₱ 1,299.75
Hot Wheels Basic Car - Sky Fi DC:962L
  • Born: 2017
  • Birthplace: El Segundo
  • Designer: Hot Wheels
  • Specialty: On the cutting-edge of technology, the Sky Fi zooms over the modern metropolis: propelled by its futuristic side jets and silent rear tail rotor. No one ever hears it coming, but the impact this copter makes will leave everyone waiting for a sequel!
₱ 184.75
Hot Wheels Basic Car - Guardianof The Galaxy Vol. 2 - Milano DC:962J
(1 reviews)
  • The Milano is the space ship used by Star-Lord in the 2017 movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.
  • This model comes with a plastic stand.
  • Built to outrun, outclass and outmaneuver anyone foolish enough to chase the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Milano also contains an impressive arsenal of interstellar weapons—enemies don't stand a chance against this epic ship!
₱ 184.75
Hot Wheels Basic Car - Tesla Model X DC:962K
  • Collection: Factory Fresh
  • Tesla skipped right over the U, V, and W when it grew its offerings beyond the “S” and sensibly adopted the “X” for its crossover SUV. A new casting, this is its second appearance in 2017.
  • Availability: Mix J, End April
₱ 184.75
Hot Wheels Car Culture - Porsche 365A Outlaw
  • This Porsche 356A Outlaw is the second instalment of the Porsche 356 coupé, introduced in 1956.
  • The 356A introduced Porsche's Carrera engine to the market, 8 years before it's use in the Porsche 911 Carrera. The 356A is often called among it's enthusiasts the 'T1' because of the factory designation 'Type 1'.
  • The Hot Wheels casting is detailed with notches to simulate the ventilation for the rear-fitted engine and a fuel filler cap through the bonnet.
  • This is casting is modeled after a lightly customized 356A.
  • It was customized by Porsche king Magnus Walker. As of 2017, this is the oldest model of Porsche car made by Hot Wheels.
₱ 499.75
Items per pages

Hot Wheels Philippines: The Premiere Racing Car Toys

If you are a big fan of toy cars for kids, or an avid collector of the cast-iron 4WD toys, you may have heard of the popular brand Hot Wheels. You may even have a part of the brand’s toy line somewhere in your collection. This iconic group has been at the top of the mini toy car line, ever since the beginning, with their various cars and themed collections all made for young boys. Hot Wheels is also the home of several creative tracks that were designed to be more of an obstacle course than a full racing circuit. Start your cars and race through the tracks, and feel the very fun Hot Wheels car collections available in the country today.

Have a Fun and Exciting Ride with the Hot Wheels Toys & Games in the Philippines

The Hot Wheels cars and play sets started the creative racing that people see on TV and play with their games for many years. The toy brand doesn’t just add creativity with their cars, but also give them personality. Each car that the brand produces is different; often coming with trading cards or bio stickers to show how each individual car’s backstory is told. These fun cars can be launched through its launcher, race through a customized racetrack, avoiding and overcoming the obstacles and other cars along the way, until it finishes its course. With more sets that a person get, the more creative and longer the tracks can become, effectively allowing you to make a more challenging course that you and your friends can launch your cars from. You can now get your very own and proper sets of the tracks and cars from Hot Wheels, available through the country’s leading online shopping site.

Why choose toys from Hot Wheels?

  • Hot Wheels is a large scope toy group that sells individual toy cars and track sets available anywhere in the world.
  • The brand showcases creativity and individuality among their cars, coming in with unique sets that you can put together.
  • The How Wheels' toys are iconic to collectors and avid fans of the toy series.

    Hot Wheels Cars

  • Overview: The Hot Wheels cars are the individual and group toy cars that people collect and play with each other. These are the ones that ride along the tracks and race along the many obstacle courses put together.
  • Features: The Hot Wheels Cars are usually made of die-cast iron and plastic, with moving tire wheels and colorful designs. These toys can be sold as individuals or as sets of three, four, and five. Some limited edition cars also come with its own advantages like better recoloring, trading cards, and other items that prove these cars to be more collectible than usual.

    Hot Wheels Tracks and Playsets

  • Overview: The Hot Wheels Playsets are the separate tracks that make up the unique circuit of the Hot Wheels cars. These are also made up of the flexible tracks that can be put together with other sets to make a long-winding and challenging track ahead.
  • Features: A standard race track comes with a launcher, which provides the initial speed of the racecar and pushes the car to race around the track. There are also some obstacles like catapults, roadblocks, and even accelerators that can keep the car going, or stop it from reaching the goal. The more tracks you put together, the more creative the circuit can be.