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The Hasbro Toys & Games Continue to Be Strong in the Philippines

If there is one big brand that many people know provides the finest toys and games in the country, it has to be Hasbro. This tenured and long-living company simply provided kids and young teens the right toys that they can play with and have fun, and when the toy get too popular, it becomes an independent franchise that shakes up the media and other industries. This has been the objective of the brand with their items. These popular toys make more and add more functions that kids would love to have when playing, offering the best items and toys possible. Today, the brand is home to many toy series, ranging from the iconic Transformers to the sweet and cute Furby toys.

See All Available Games and Hasbro Toys in the Philippines

The Hasbro’s increase in popularity is widely due to the toys and the individual recognitions that the toys got, all to the point that there were media franchises starting to sell merchandise of these extremely popular items, just because of how iconic and popular these toy series are in the first place. If you ever want to have an appropriate Hasbro Toy & Game for you, but don’t want to spend extra on very premium toys, you can go into the Internet and pick which items are appropriate for you. The Philippines has one of the finest online shopping sites where you can get these Hasbro collectible figures and dolls at best prices, and experience effortless shopping while buying these Hasbro toys and games in the country right now.

Why choose Hasbro?

  • Hasbro is one of the top providers and makers of finest toys and original figurines that kids and young adults can enjoy.
  • Most of their toys cover all preferences and tastes like the toys for boys and the dolls for girls
  • Some of the items and toys of Hasbro would individually spawn other franchises and media like TV shows and even full-feature movies.

    Toys for Boys

  • Transformers: The popular robots in disguise toys fall under the popularity and umbrella of the Hasbro toy line. These toy cars that turn into robots have also expanded and changed according to the media that these come in.
  • GI Joe : The fun and collectible soldier toys by Hasbro offers more with their unique characters and fun times. The GI Joe action figures and collectibles takes its demographic into war, with the Joes vs. Cobra in their popular time.
  • Zoids : From playable action figures to cool-looking hobbycaft models, the Zoids series puts mechanical and robot animals into a highly collectible and assembly line of models that young adults can start collecting and adding to their devices.

    Toys for Girls

  • My Little Pony : The very popular TV series that are enjoyed by girls and boys alike, the My Little Pony series started out as a toy brand that would expand into other ventures in media. These collectible toy pony dolls have the available and collectible look that are as colorful as girls want them to be.
  • Furby : The cute, huggable, and very round dolls for kids and girls. The Furby is alos one of the most popular toys that mixes weird and cute with its design. These toys are also very collectible, with each Furby toy having its own box and sets.
  • Jem and the Holograms : Unlike the other toy series in the country, the Jem franchise started as a cartoon show and media franchise before being transformed into a popular toy line for girls. These pop star toys shows promise for young girls who want to learn more about music at a very young age.