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Cherry Mobile Tablets

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Brand: Cherry Mobile
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Cherry Mobile Tablets

The Filipino tech that is Cherry Mobile tablet

Ever since the brand’s launch in 2008, Cherry Mobile, the premiere Filipino mobile phone brand, has continued to expand their market to include production of the latest devices sold on the market. This concept continues with the development of their very own Cherry Mobile tablets. Like the brand’s smartphone counterpart, the tablet PCs made by the company are affordable, yet feature specs comparable with the more expensive brands out there.

Cherry Mobile’s technological prowess constantly improves as the mobile device market continues to grow. With every tablet release from a high end tech company, you can be sure that Cherry Mobile has an answer with their own device, at a much more reasonable price.

Cherry Mobile tablets become more competitive with the Alpha Series

Cherry Mobile’s first tablets, the Fusion series run the basic Android series, for low-end consumers. The brand soon upgraded with the Superion series, all running the latest Android OS on their systems, with multiple connectivity features, making them portable laptops quite familiar to use. But recently, Cherry Mobile surprised the local tech scene by becoming the first Filipino mobile brand to partner with the prestigious Microsoft Corporation, bringing the Windows OS tablet device within reach. The Cherry Mobile Alpha series combines the reliable hardware of the Filipino brand, with the advanced features of the Windows 8.1 system.

Why choose Cherry Mobile?

  • Portable and easy to carry mobile device for school, work, and play
  • Alpha series comes with free Office 365 and 1TB OneDrive storage for 1 year
  • Customizable to include a keyboard dock for makeshift laptop capabilities
  • Their tablets are also affordable

    Cherry Mobile Fusion series

  • Series Overview: The first line of Cherry Mobile tablets that were released on the market. The Fusion series hits the traditional form and use of a tablet PC. The specs are decent, but as a basic device, this tablet functions more as a startup for first time tablet users.
  • Technical Specifications: The first tablet series run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on an HD touchscreen display. The hardware is very basic, and it can run the basic apps commonly downloaded for casual use.
  • Available products: The tablets under the Fusion line include the Fusion Fire, Fusion Aura, Fusion Bolt, and Fusion Storm.

    Cherry Mobile Superion Series

  • Series Overview: The brand’s latest Android tablet for mid-range users. The design and size of the series is much more sleeker, mimicking the high-end look of other tablet manufacturers. The Superion series is fast, well-equipped, and works best for work.
  • Technical Specifications: The tablets run Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS on a 1.3GHz quad-core processor. These tablets can stream HD video files on their TFT capacitive screens. These can also store lots of files on the 16GB expandable memory.
  • Available products: The Superion Odyssey is the brand’s current flagship tablet under the series. Other tablets include the Superion Probe, Superion Ion, Superion Endeavor, and Superion Scope

    Cherry Mobile Alpha series

  • Series Overview:The brand’s latest line of tablet PCs, the Alpha series is the result of the partnership between the Filipino brand and Microsoft. These tablets can transform into effective laptops using a reliable keyboard dock
  • Technical Specifications: The Alpha tablets run Windows 8.1 OS on a 1.33GHz quad-core processor. These devices also come with free Office365 subscription for one year ,and 1TB OneDrive cloud storage.
  • Available Products: The Alpha series comprises two devices – the 8-inch Alpha Play tablet, and the 10-inch Alpha Morph Windows Hybrid.