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Brand: Skyworth
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Skyworth’s TV Capabilities are as Clear as the Sky

When it comes to the several advancements of today’s technology, one of the electronics that has undergone a major overhaul in terms of capacity and function is the TV. This top entertainment device has consistently given many people the joy of watching their favorite shows and programs, all while using the standard cathode and analog technology. Fast forward to today, and most televisions today function similarly as computers, with all of their apps and connective digital ports. Still, if you are looking for the finest televisions you can get at an affordable price, the Skyworth is the right brand to go.

Home Appliances From Skyworth Philippines

Skyworth is a Chinese manufacturing group that designs and produces the advanced LED TVs that people see displayed anywhere in the country today. These televisions come with all the specs and capabilities that you’d expect from a high-class LED TV—Full-HD resolution, Smart TV functions, and multiple connective ports, all in the brand’s respective smart TV line. The group has also produced LED TVs with 4K resolution, showing that this OEM Company does have the ability to compete with the other top brands, and showcase new technology for their customers at much fairer price ranges. Aside from their popular TV set, you can also get a high-performance tablet, Bluetooth speaker, and headphones from Skyworth. The brand's products are very well available in the country today, accessible through the trusted online shopping site in the Philippines.

Why choose Skyworth?

  • This Chinese brand is a top developer of TVs, as well as an OEM for other companies.
  • The group sells their LED TVs at fair price ranges.
  • The group is also one of the TV sellers that market 4K resolution TV at lower prices.

Skyworth Philippines

    Skyworth Digital LED TV

  • Overview: The brand’s standard, but effective TV series, their Digital LED TVs have all the right ports and connectivity that adds more functions into this digital TV.
  • Features: The brand’s TV resolution ranges from the 1366 x 768 WXGA up to the 1080 x 1920 Full-HD. The TVs also come with HDMI connectors, and USB ports to make the connectivity much available

    Skyworth3D Smart TV

  • Overview: Treat your TV as a fully functional PC with the right functions, given by the Skyworth 3D Smart TV. Any Smart Television has the capacity to work Internet and smart apps functions, but this TV utilizes proper connectivity via its native Android OS interface.
  • Features: The Skyworth 3D Smart TV comes with a built-in Android connectivity, displaying the apps through its 1080 x 1920 Full-HD resolution. The brand also publishes and produces some content with 3D rendering.

    Skyworth UHD 4K TV

  • Overview: The brand’s most popular and expressive device on hand, the UHD 4K TV is as advanced as any TV can come. This device even has the right functionalities to support the large resolution, and add Smart functions into the TV.
  • Features: The brand’s 4K TV comes with the right features and functionalities, displaying 3840 x 2160 UHD resolutions. The brand also comes with the correct ports to support the resolution, and project the HD content right on to this beyond HD resolution.