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Smartphones: Best Prices in the Philippines

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Purchasing a Smartphone

In this generation, most people prefer smartphones because of its use that is beyond the competences of your basic phone. You can still call and text, but apart from that, there are many other things that you can do with your smartphone including play music, take great photos, go on the Internet, check your e-mail, and video-call. There are more things that you can utilize your smartphone for with all the applications that you can install.

When purchasing a smartphone, ensure that it has all the specifications that you want in one. Consider the design – don’t worry, most smartphones are sleek and light-weight. Some have big screen-dimensions that help maximize screen display. However, there are also smaller smartphones available in the market nowadays. Smaller smartphones are perfect for people who are not fond of bulk.

If you do not want to sacrifice performance just for its portability, don’t worry because big names like Samsung sell mini versions of their bigger phones. The storage of the mini versions of their phones still has an expandable storage capacity, bright screen displays, and a good built-in camera. They are still WiFi and Bluetooth capable.

Smartphone Operating System

Most smartphones that are either widely known or local run on an Android operating system. This includes Samsung, LG, Coby, Torque, Alcatel, and HTC. However, the Apple iPhone runs on the very exclusive iOS.

Each smartphone operating system has its own “store” where users can purchase apps that can be installed to their smartphone. For Android, it is the Google Play Store, while the iOS has the App Store. Some specific apps are available on both, while some are just very exclusive to one.

It’s Time to Buy a Smartphone

When it’s time to buy a smartphone, and after considering its features and specifications like the RAM, operating system, screen-size, and design, remember to also get accessories for it! If your new smartphone runs on an Android operating system and has a storage capacity that can be expandable, there are various data cards with different sizes that you can choose from. You can also choose to buy a protective case in the event that you drop it. Another way to protect your smartphone if you don’t like the added bulk that a case gives it is through screen protectors.