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Keeping Your Food Fresh with Refrigerator Philippines

A refrigerator is a common home appliance that contains a thermally insulated section, as well as a heat pump that may be mechanical, electronic, or chemical. It transfers heat from the inside of the refrigerator to its external setting so that the inside part of the fridge is cooled to a certain temperature. Every household needs a refrigerator, since it helps maintain the lifespan of the food placed inside it. The cool temperature aids the food’s rate and prevents spoilage.

This kitchen main-stay keeps your vegetables, raw meat, and other condiments fresh. You can also keep your beverages inside a ref to constantly keep them cool. The refrigerator isn’t just used to store food; you can also put other products inside the cool devie, such as nail polish and medicine, to ensure that these don’t get ruined or become ineffective. Basically, the refrigerator is not only there to make everything cold, but to sustain the life expectancy of food, medicine, and even some cosmetics.

Refrigerator Brands that You Can Trust

Refrigerators come in different sizes. There are mini-fridges, regular fridges, two-door fridges, single door fridges and more. There are also refs with built-in freezers available to store food that needs a much cooler setting. Some are even equipped with features such as the drawers which allow you to store more food and beverage, and even an LED display dispenser to light up your fridge during the night. Companies also began producing a variant of the appliance that is energy saving. Whatever type of ref you may want, be sure to check the specs online, or have a reliable dealer that can show you which type of refrigerator you’d like to have.

    Mini Refrigerators

  • Uses: Mini refrigerators are perfect for small rooms. These include full range temperature control, CFC-free refrigerant, and adjustable leg that can be perfect to your room.
  • Technical specs: Mini fridges have dimensions ranging from 1.7 to 2.5 Cu. Ft. Majority of them would require power up to 220V/240W, 220V/88W, and 220V/305W
  • Brands Available: Brands for this small fridge are EZY, Hanabishi, LG, Panasonic, Condura, Sanyo, American Home, Sharp, Fujidenzo, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Gorenje, Unimagna, Husky

    Single Door Refrigerators

  • Uses: Majority of home refrigerators appear as this kind. The type of fridge is suitable for storing average amount of food and features good power-saving and moist balance crisper.
  • Technical specs: A standard single door fridge stands from 3.4 to 25 Cu. Ft. These run at a maximum of 220V/605W power source, with multiple compartments to hold your food and beverages.
  • Brands Available: Wide variety of refrigerator models from Whirlpool, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Electrolux and many more

    Two Door Refrigerators

  • Uses: Two Door Refrigerators are perfect for storing large amount of food and drinks, and has a distinct freezer compartment to store frozen goods. Also, this type of ref consists of platinum fresh for deodorizer and hybrid cooling system
  • Technical specs: Similar to a single door fridge, the two-door can reach up to 25 Cu. Ft. in size. In terms of power consumption, these refrigerators need at least 220V/305W to keep your food cool and your frozen delights cooler
  • Brands Available: Popular brands from this type of refrigerator are Ezy, Samsung, Kelvinator, Condura, LG, and Maytag, Panasonic, Kelvinator, Electrolux, Fujidenzo, Whirlpool