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The Timeless PSP Gaming Console is Still Strong in the Philippines

Filipinos often never forget the fun experiences that they have, and in terms of gaming, the widely accessible PSP is the console that brought gaming to the popular limelight. The PSP or PlayStation Portable is Sony’s first real attempt to replicate the popularity of the PlayStation series, and translate it on a more portable handheld device. The end result is an outstanding gaming console that shaped portable gaming into its most popular years. In the Philippines, the PSP became a widely available staple for gaming, where kids, teens, and even young adults are playing these for their leisure and entertainment. The PSP would eventually be outdated by the PS Vita in the future, but until this day, many young gamers see the PSP as the most accessible, fun, and engaging console that they have ever played in their lives.

Availability in Gaming: The Best PSP Devices in the Philippines

One of the many reasons for the wide success of the PSP console is its portability and simple to use mechanics. The other reason: its tremendous gaming library. The PSP has been known as the device that brought the PS2 games on a more mobile platform, allowing gamers to play iconic games like Tekken and the NBA 2K on a portable device. The playstyle and feel of these games even mimicked the actual games being played on the home console version, while also having the advantage of wireless multiplayer, allowing any owner of this handheld device to play against or with another person with the same PSP. The connective function, the mix of games, and the overall fun aspect that the PSP brought its customers makes this one of the most successful gaming devices made, as well as being the first device to really make its mark in the Philippine market.

    PSP Consoles

  • Overview: The first of Sony’s portable handheld consoles, the PSP became the staple of the country’s handheld, being available anywhere for Filipinos to buy and play. Some iterations of the console are also very much sold at the best prices possible, while maintaining the credibility that the Sony gaming has made over the years.
  • Variants: Over the years, the PSP console would be upgraded to provide better gaming experiences and improve from the glitches and bugs that troubled the past systems. Some of these PSP variants include the PSP 2000, PSP 3000, the PSP Go, and PSP-E1000

    PSP Games

  • Overview: One of the best ways to appreciate the PSP is through their slew of popular and fun games. While the PSP did not have as much as original titles from its successors and competitors, one of the main reasons why the PSP became popular is due to them translating the games from the home PS2 console, to the handheld, giving their fans the sense of playing the top games on a portable platform.
  • Variants: The first iterations of the PSP games first ran on the UMDs, which were sold at retail. These small discs would be placed inside the console and be played like the games that come in CDs and DVDs. Eventually, the PSP games also became available digitally, with people downloading their games to the device’s memory for convenience.

    PSP Accessories

  • Overview: As with any game platform, the PSP also has its slew of gaming accessories, complete with all the available peripherals that makes the device a complete package that can be played anytime. The accessories are also there for protection of the console, as well as the overall improvement of the device’s performance.
  • Variants: The accessories that go into the PSP consoles varies depending on which generation of the PSP you are playing. Regardless, the PSP’s line of accessories sticks to the essential items, like the power adaptors and chargers, the Memory Stick Pro card for expansive storage, the screen guards and the housings for protection, as well as the carrying cases that can store the games and the console itself.