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Operating System

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The Operating System: A Computer’s Mind and Soul

When it comes to computers, the software and hardware always go hand in hand. Not even the advanced computer components can be useful if you do not have the right software to work your tasks. When it comes to the non-tangible aspects that you see on a PC, the most important one is got to be the operating system, or the OS. This software, as the title stated, is the mind and soul of the PC. All computers require the OS to run the other programs, more or less to function as a performing device. The OS also brings out the creative designs of the PC, as seen through the monitors that showcase the different functionalities of the PC, once the OS is installed. There are different forms of the OS available, with each PC optimized to work on their fullest on specific systems.

Choose the Perfect Computer OS that You can Use

The operating system can come in different forms and designs, all available for the different computers at hand. One significant thing to think about the OS is that each of the systems is drastically different in usage and functionality. Each of the OS has its own advantages and weaknesses, all based on the usage and functions of the PC, as well as the type of PC you’d like to have. It is best to read through the different OS available, as well as their upgrades, before choosing the proper system to install on your computer.

    Microsoft OS

  • Overview: One of the first OS ever made, the Microsoft system has become the standard of PC usage and computing for many years. No one who is into computers does not know this OS’ contributions
  • Uses: As a originator of the PC, Microsoft is a universal OS, used for many ventures, including work, play, and social media. It is also one of the easier OS to use.

    Apple OS X

  • Overview: The other popular OS made by Apple, the Mac OS is the built-in system exclusive for the Apple device. The OS can only be bought together with the computer, but the money spent is worth the graphics, professional interface, and the overall usage of this premium OS.
  • Uses: The Apple OS uses higher graphics and exclusive functionality to make this a premium OS for the elite and well-off. Most people also use the Mac OS to create media formats like music and videos.

    Google Chrome OS

  • Overview: The Chrome OS is the latest OS made by the search engine site. Like the Apple OS, this only comes with the PC, but on a much cheaper scale. These devices also utilize the simpler interface that is reminiscent to the smartphone OS.
  • Uses: The Chrome OS is one of the newer OS made, all for a simpler usage. Less power is consumed and the OS can maximize its performance on a much cheaper scale, making it a perfect start-up OS.