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Musical Instruments

Behringer Musical Instruments

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Brand: Behringer
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Behringer EP4000 Europower Amps (Black)
  • 2 x 2,000 Watts into 2 Ohms; 2 x 1,400 Watts into 4 Ohms; 4,000 Watts into 4 Ohms (bridge mode)
  • ATR (Accelerated Transient Response) technology for ultimate punch and clarity
  • Switchable limiters offer maximum output level with reliable overload protection
  • Detented gain controls for precise setting and matching of sensitivity
  • Precise Power, Signal and Clip LEDs to monitor performance
₱ 24,645.00 -15%
₱ 28,995.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 1,831.61
Behringer CMD STUDIO 2A DJ Controller
  • Complete DJ setup in-a-box including dual-deck DJ controller with built-in audio interface and voucher for rock-solid Image-Line Deckadance* LE software
  • Versatile touch-sensitive jog wheels allow for pitch bending and natural scratching
  • Complete mixer section with crossfader and 2 channel faders, 3-band EQ, cue, library navigation and track load buttons
  • Powerful 4-channel USB audio interface with 24-bit converters and ultra-low latency operation under Windows* and Mac* OS X* operating systems
  • Backlit buttons make it easy to work in the dark
₱ 7,195.00 -10%
₱ 7,995.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 505.04
  • Extremely versatile 2-channel keyboard amplifier
  • Powerful 20-Watt, 8'' dual-cone BUGERA speaker for wide frequency response
  • 2 instrument inputs with separate volume control for each channel
  • VTC Virtual Tube Circuitry for tube-like sound
  • Ultra-musical 3-band EQ for ultimate sound shaping
₱ 5,521.00 -15%
₱ 6,500.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 410.61
Behringer CMD STUDIO 4a DJ Controller
  • Highly integrated 4-deck controller with built-in 4-channel USB audio interface
  • Deckadance* LE DJ software voucher from Image-Line included
  • Compatible with popular DJ software including Native Instruments Traktor*, Serato Scratch Live*, Ableton Live* and any other MIDI-compatible programs
  • Powerful 4-channel USB audio interface with 24-bit converters and ultra-low latency operation under Windows* and OS X* operating systems
  • Large 6" touch-sensitive high-resolution control platters for precise control
₱ 14,445.00 -15%
₱ 16,995.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 1,073.57
Behringer MINIFEX FEX800 Ultra-Compact Stereo and Multi-FX Processor (Silver)
  • Ultra-compact stereo multi-effects processor for podcast, studio and stage applications
  • 16 awesome FX presets in 24-bit resolution including reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, rotary speaker, pitch shifter and multi-effects
  • Intuitive FX Preset control with LEDs indicating the selected program
  • Versatile Edit and Tap/Select functions to control a wide range of FX parameters
  • Stereo Input Level control with accurate 6-segment LED Input meter for precise level indication
₱ 4,245.00 -15%
₱ 4,995.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 315.53
Behringer UCG102 Guitar Link
(2 reviews)
  • Plug in your favorite guitar and turn your PC or Mac computer into a guitar amp and recording system
  • Directly works with your PC or Mac computer
  • Ultra-low latency ASIO driver for PC audio optimization
  • Connect the Guitar Link interface to the camera connection kit of your iOS device
  • Stereo Headphone output lets you jam with your computer
₱ 3,391.00 -15%
₱ 3,990.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 252.05
Behringer FCV100 Ultra-Flexible Dual-Mode Foot Pedal
  • Volume control of one stereo or two individual musical instruments
  • Dedicated modulation function for direct connection to keyboard's modulation control input
  • VCA control for utmost reliability and smooth audio performance
  • Adjustable minimal volume
  • Standard 9V battery or 12 V DC adapter operation (not included)
₱ 2,375.00 -15%
₱ 2,795.00
Behringer TO800 Vintage Tube Overdrive
(1 reviews)
  • Get vintage overdrive, smooth sustain and screaming fat tone
  • Uses original 4558 IC plus MA150 distortion diodes for authentic vintage sound
  • Captures every nuance of your playing from smooth overdrive to screaming tube sounds
  • Dedicated Drive, Tone and Level controls for awesome sound shaping
  • Status LED for effect on/off and battery check
₱ 2,375.00 -15%
₱ 2,795.00
Behringer Micropower Ps400 Ultra-Compact Phantom Power Supply
  • Universal phantom power supply for any condenser microphone
  • Ultra low-noise audio performance
  • Selectable +12 / +48 V power supply
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • DC 12-Volt adapter included
₱ 2,042.00
Behringer XD8USB Electronic Drum Set
(2 reviews)
  • 8-piece electronic drum set with HDS110USB sound module
  • Ships ready to rock with everything you need to start immediately
  • 10 factory presets plus 5 user-programmable drum sets
  • USB interface to connect with any virtual instrument and drum software (not included)
  • HDS (High Definition Sampling) technology provides an authentic drumming experience
₱ 29,995.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 1,894.78
  • Professional 5-channel ultra-low noise DJ mixer with stylish, black design
  • State-of-the-art digital effects with advanced parameter control
  • Intelligent dual auto-BPM counter with time and beat sync display
  • Super-smooth Ultraglide faders with up to 500,000 life cycles ;Awesome adjustable XPQ stereo surround effect
₱ 16,995.00 -15%
₱ 19,995.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 1,263.08
Behringer C-1U Condenser Microphone Cardioid
(1 reviews)
  • Professional large-diaphragm condenser microphone with built-in 48 kHz USB interface for unsurpassed audio quality
  • Gets phantom power directly from PC USB output
  • Comes with Audacity audio editor, Kristal audio engine, Podifier uploading software, and Juice and Podnova downloading software
  • Maximum SPL (sound pressure level) of 136 dB
  • Ideal as main and support microphone for studio and live applications
₱ 5,525.00 -15%
₱ 6,500.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 410.61
Behringer DI20 Ultra-DI 2 Channel DI-Box Splitter
  • Converts 2 separate unbalanced 1/4' TRS line inputs into 2 balanced XLR outputs 
  • Ultra-flexible: mono, 2-channel or stereo DI box operation with switchable Link mode
  • Switchable input attenuation allows connection to outputs with up to 3,000 Watts
  • Ground lift switch eliminates typical ground loop problems
  • Phantom or 9 V battery powered
₱ 2,375.00 -15%
₱ 2,795.00
Behringer Microamp Ha400 Ultra-Compact 4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier
  • 4-channel stereo headphone amplifier for use with all types of headphones
  • Four high-power stereo amplifiers
  • Highest sonic quality even at maximum volume
  • Output level control for each channel
  • DC 12-Volt adapter included
₱ 3,749.00 -17%
₱ 4,499.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 236.82
Behringer UFO202 U-Phono Audio Interface
  • High-quality USB/audio interface connects your turntable, cassette player etc. with your computer for recording and playback
  • Transfer and restore your valuable vinyl records and tapes to your computer via a simple USB connection
  • Audacity vinyl restoration, noise-reduction, editing and recording software plus comprehensive podcasting software available for free at behringer.com
  • Phono input switchable to line input source
  • Stereo output allows easy connection and playback of computer audio files over your home sound system
₱ 2,375.00 -10%
₱ 2,650.00
Behringer SX3040 Sonic Exciter
  • Dramatically improves your sound by adding clarity, dimension and depth
  • Produces natural brightness through harmonic enhancement and tighter bass with increased punch through phase compensation
  • Professional and home recording studios: brings out the full sound spectrum of your tracks, mixdown and mastering
  • PA, nightclub and DJ systems: improves the performance of any sound system by adding sparkling high end and super-tight bass without the need for additional speakers or amps
  • Churches and houses of worship: dramatically increases voice intelligibility and your music gains presence
₱ 8,075.00 -15%
₱ 9,500.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 600.12
Behringer UO100-Ultra Octaver
  • Create a monster sound by adding 2 additional tones using your guitar—1 and 2 octaves below the original tone
  • Dedicated volume controls for all 3 tones for awesome sound shaping
  • Flexible 3-mode Range switch allows ultimate bass performance
  • Blue status LED for effect on/off and battery check
  • First-class electronic On/Off switch for highest signal integrity in bypass mode
₱ 2,375.00 -15%
₱ 2,800.00
  • Ultra-compact 9.5" graphic equalizer for studio and stage applications
  • Revolutionary FBQ Feedback Detection System instantly reveals critical frequencies and can also be used as Audio Analyzer
  • Additional Low Cut filter removes unwanted frequencies, e. g. floor rumble
  • Accurate 6-digit LED Input/Output meters and Level control for precise level indication
  • High-quality illuminated faders, potentiometer and illuminated switches for long-term reliability
₱ 3,825.00 -15%
₱ 4,500.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 284.27
Behringer BDI21 V-Tone Bass Amp Modeler
(2 reviews)
  • Authentic V-TONE modeling technology capable of dialing up big vintage tube tones, funky slap sounds, crunchy distortions and all in between
  • Provides a truckload of great amps in a single stomp box—from traditional bass amps to modern overdriven amp tones that would typically require a multitude of effects units
  • Presence control for definition and upper harmonics plus ultra-musical 2-band EQ specifically tuned for bass guitars
  • Output available on 1/4' TS or balanced, gold-plated XLR connectors
  • Runs on 9 V battery or the BEHRINGER PSU-SB DC power supply (not included)
  • Provides a truckload of great amps in a single stomp box—from traditional bass amps to modern overdriven amp tones
  • Gold-plated XLR connectors
₱ 2,975.00 -15%
₱ 3,500.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 221.10
Behringer B1031A Truth Studio Monitor
  • Ultra-linear studio monitor with true active design
  • Precision Class A/B amplifiers with active protection circuits: 100 W for LF / 50 W for HF
  • Ultra-high resolution 1" silk dome tweeter for ultimate sound reproduction
  • Long-throw 8" woofer with deformation-resistant Kevlar cone for ultimate bass response
  • Ultimate dispersion characteristics and extremely large "sweet spot" owing to advanced wave guide technology
₱ 16,995.00 -15%
₱ 19,995.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 1,263.08
Behringer Ultrabass BT108
  • Extremely versatile bass amplifier
  • Powerful 20-Watt, 8'' BUGERA speaker
  • VTC Virtual Tube Circuitry for tube-like sound
  • Dedicated 4-band EQ for ultimate sound shaping
  • CD input allows you to play along to your favorite music
₱ 5,525.00 -15%
₱ 6,500.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 410.61
Behringer UMA25S U-control Keyboard with Audio Interface
  • Stage performer and producer keyboard featuring 25 velocity-sensitive keys
  • Built-in USB audio interface to connect your instruments and mixer to your computer for recording and playback
  • Audacity
  • Audio editor, comprehensive podcasting software and over 100 virtual instruments plus more than 50 effect plug-ins downloadable at TRACKTION 4
  • Advanced control features such as drawbar mode (control inversion), drum triggering, incremental value step and octave +/-
₱ 9,345.00 -15%
₱ 10,995.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 694.55
  • High-Power 1000-Watt 2-way PA sound reinforcement speaker system for live and playback applications
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight system delivers excellent sound even at extreme sound pressure levels
  • "Wireless-ready" for high-quality BEHRINGER digital wireless system (not included)
  • 2-channel mixer with individual Mic/Line inputs- Volume controls and Clip LEDs
  • Dedicated 2-band EQ plus integrated sound processor for ultimate system control and speaker protection
₱ 68,096.00 -17%
₱ 81,716.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 4,301.62
  • Multi-purpose 2-way studio monitors ideally suited for fixed installation, multimedia, home recording studio, audio/video
  • Production and surround-sound systems
  • High power handling capability produces full-range output with extremely low distortion
  • Powerful 5 1/2" woofer with extremely light-weight cellulose cone and high-resolution 1/2" tweeter
  • Ultra-linear frequency range from 60 Hz to 23 kHz
  • Phase-optimized and high-precision crossover for absolute phase linearity
₱ 4,165.00 -15%
₱ 4,900.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 309.53
  • Connect your guitar or bass directly to your mixer without losing tone due to impedance mismatches, long cables and cycle hum
  • Converts any unbalanced line-level signal to balanced mic-level output
  • Provides impedance and signal matching for the direct connection of instruments to amplifiers and mixers
  • Allows the use of long cables without losing high frequencies
  • Thru/Out jack lets you send the unbalanced signal to an onstage amplifier while the balanced signal is routed to the mixer
₱ 2,125.00 -15%
₱ 2,500.00
Behringer MA400 Micromon Power Amps
(2 reviews)
  • Ultra-compact monitor headphone amplifier for studio and stage applications
  • Personal ''more me'' mixer - mix a mic plus a monitor signal and hear them via headphones
  • Flexible Mic In and Mic Through connectors plus Ground Lift switch
  • Stereo Monitor input with dedicated Monitor Level control and Mono/Stereo switch
  • High-power headphone output on 1/4'' and 1/8'' jack connectors
₱ 2,380.00 -15%
₱ 2,800.00
Behringer PPA500BT Europort PA System
  • Ultra-compact 500-Watt, 6-channel portable PA system
  • Perfect for parties, schools, corporate and educational presentations, seminars, aerobics, auctioneers, working musicians, tour guides, weddings, etc.
  • Enormous power, incredible sonic performance, and super-light weight means no more lugging around dead weight
  • Extremely powerful 8'' woofers and 1.35'' aluminum-diaphragm compression drivers for incredible sound reproduction
  • Connect your iPod, iPhone, iPad* or any other MP3 player via Bluetooth
₱ 34,845.00 -15%
₱ 40,995.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 2,589.65
Behringer CMD MM-1 DJ Controller
  • 4-channel mixer style DJ MIDI controller
  • Compatible with popular DJ software including Native Instruments Tractor, Serato Scratch Live, Ableton Live and any other MIDI-compatible programs
  • Full-size 60mm channel faders and 45mm cross fader for a professional fee/High quality 4-port powered multi-TT USB hub for connecting other controllers
₱ 5,250.00 -50%
₱ 10,500.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 663.29
Behringer OD400 Ultimate Overdrive Effects
  • Ultimate overdrive pedal for fat and big overdrive sounds with incredible dynamic response
  • Dual-stage overdrive circuitry offers bigger and fuller sound with endless sustain and compression
  • Blue status LED for effect on/off and battery check
  • First-class electronic On/Off switch for highest signal integrity in bypass mode
  • Runs on 9 V battery or the BEHRINGER PSU-SB DC power supply (not included)
₱ 2,375.00 -15%
₱ 2,795.00
Behringer Bass Graphic Equalizer BEQ700
(1 reviews)
  • Shape your sound and eliminate feedback with 7 bands of equalization
  • This BEHRINGER product has been designed to compete head to head with leading products on the market
  • Wide frequency range from 50 Hz to 10 kHz with a powerful 15 dB boost/cut per band
  • Status LED for effect on/off and battery check
  • Runs on 9 V battery or the BEHRINGER PSU-SB DC power supply (not included)
₱ 2,375.00 -15%
₱ 2,795.00
Behringer CMD PL-1 DJ Controller
  • 4" high-resolution touch sensitive platter
  • Compatible with popular DJ software including Native Instruments Tractor, Serato Scratch Live, Ableton Live and any other MIDI-compatible programs
  • 14bit Pitch fader with LED feedback/MIDI-reactive controls take your eyes off the computer screen
₱ 5,250.00 -50%
₱ 10,500.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 663.29
Behringer VMX300USB Pro Mixer
  • Professional 3-channel ultra-low noise DJ mixer with state-of-the-art phono preamps
  • Built-in USB interface for recording and playback of any digital music file
  • Works with your PC or Mac computer - no setup or drivers required
  • Massive software bundle including Audacity vinyl restoration and recording, Podifier and Golden Ear podcasting software
  • Intelligent, dual BPM counter with time and beat sync display
  • Super-smooth and long-life ULTRAGLIDE faders (up to 500,000 cycles)
₱ 13,595.00 -15%
₱ 15,995.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 1,010.40
  • Ultra-flexible 45-Watt 3-channel PA System / Keyboard Amplifier
  • Powerful 10' BUGERA speaker for ultimate sound reproduction
  • Dedicated 5-band graphic EQ for awesome sound shaping
  • Full 3-channel operation with separate Volume and FX Send per channel
  • Subwoofer output for ultimate low-end power
₱ 13,175.00 -15%
₱ 15,500.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 979.14
Behringer ADI21 V-TONE Acoustic
(2 reviews)
  • Analog modeling acoustic guitar preamp/stompbox with DI recording output
  • Ultra-musical 3-band EQ with sweepable mids for accurate feedback control and to eliminate the harsh harmonics of piezos
  • Super-high impedance to retain maximum signal integrity and dynamics
  • Authentic tube/microphone modeling circuitry provides the natural warmth and presence as if your acoustic guitar was miked through a tube pre-amp
  • Dual DI mode for either direct recording output with tube/microphone emulation or standard active direct injection box in bypass mode
₱ 2,975.00 -15%
₱ 3,500.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 221.10
Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC100 Audiophile Vacuum Tube Preamplifier with Limiter
  • One XLR and 1/4 in input, One XLR and 1/4 in output
  • 48V Phantom power
  • Perfectly complements studio-grade condenser mics
  • High-end tube mic/line preamplifier for studio, live and hard disk recording applications
  • Eliminates the "dull" sound of standard digital recorders and sound cards
₱ 2,375.00 -15%
₱ 2,795.00
Behringer HA4700 High-Power 4-Channel Headphones Amplifier
  • Professional, multi-purpose headphones amplifier system for stage and studio applications
  • Highest sonic quality with virtually all types of headphones >8 Ohms even at maximum volume
  • 4 independent high-power amplifier sections provide up to four stereo mixes with individual balance controls
  • Each input/aux section can be separately adjusted for 'more me' mixing
  • Stereo Aux input for each channel allows you to mix in any instrument or sound source
₱ 10,495.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 662.97
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