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Starmobile Philippines

Starmobile: It’s All in the Name

There are a lot of emerging mobile brands in the Philippines today. Lot of new start-up groups are trying to crack into the texting capital’s market, releasing quality devices that capture the attention of even the most casual viewer. Among these new marketers of smartphones and tablets is the proudly-Filipino Starmobile. Produced by the local Star Telecom Alliance Resources or STAR, Inc., Starmobile jumped the gun in the smartphone market, by immediately providing the devices people want. Instead of creating the one perfect phone, the brand produced multiple phones that will be used by any type of phone user. To know which Starmobile phone that will suit your style, just look into the phone’s name, and you’ll see which type is perfect for you.

Starmobile: Accessible Device for Most Filipinos

While most mobile brands boast about high specs and top of the line features as their unique selling points, Starmobile is quite humble about the unique technologies they put in their devices. Instead, the Filipino brand focuses on production and distribution of their products around the country. Starmobile’s devices are literally all around us. You can see them in malls, get marketed about them on stores, and even buy them at reliable online shopping sites. Starmobile’s strong presence in the market shows how influential their devices are. Once you get to see their products, give them a good try, and be amazed how such a high-tech device can be produced by an all-Filipino brand.

Why choose Starmobile?

  • One of the new start up brands that quickly rose up in the mobile market scene
  • Has a variety of products that are specifically tailored for every smartphone user
  • Brands can be found anywhere, especially in 7-Eleven stores
  • Affordable, without sacrificing much of the phone’s specs

Starmobile Cellphones

      Starmobile Knight series

    • Phone Features: The Knight series of phones is the brand’s flagship, equipped with the latest technologies the brand has to offer. Aside from the powerful hardware, the phone series is also built using the most durable and rugged, but also sleek and cool exterior design.
    • Technical Specs: This affordable flagship series runs the latest Android OS on an impressive octa-core processor. Its latest iteration, the Knight X, has 32GB stored capacity with 3GB RAM. The mobile phone is also capable of Wi-Fi AC, and NFC connections.
    • Available products: Aside from the latest flagship, which is Starmobile Knight X, other variations of the series include the original Knight, the Knight Luxe, and Knight Vision phones.

      Starmobile Octa

    • Phone Features: Like its namesake, the Starmobile Octa is the brand’s first high-end phone equipped with an octa-core processor. This multimedia phone also comes with a Clear Motion Rate feature, similar to LED TVs, allowing you to view Full-HD video files at a fluid 60fps
    • Technical Specs: The Octa runs Android 4.2 JellyBean OS on its 1.7GHz octa-core processor. The 5-inch phone also comes with a scratch-resistant OGS display that not only protects the phone, but also adds more to its Full-HD resolution. Connectivity-wise, aside from the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LTE connectivity, the phone also comes with an NFC capability.

      Starmobile Up series

    • Phone Features: The brand’s entry-level device series that features HD capabilities. The phones under this series focus on visuals and design, with decent hardware that can even the casual users would be impressed with. These phones are most suitable for basic use
    • Technical Specs: The phones under this series run Android 4.4 KitKat OS on a 1.3GHz quad-core processor. The phone’s connectivity include microUSB, microSD, Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth. The phones also boast HD resolution on a 5-inch screen.
    • Available products: The phones under the Up series include the Up HD, Up+, Up Lite, Up Mini, and Up Vision