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Mobiles: Best Prices in Philippines

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Cellphones That Can Suit Every Lifestyle

Are you looking for a new phone? If so, then you have to know what you are looking for. There are different types of cellphones that can suit every lifestyle. There’s the basic phone, that has all the necessities that you need in a phone, which are basically to call and send messages (SMS). They are the cheapest kind, and even though they are not capable with the features that the modern Filipinos look for, the basic phone still does its job.

For people who are on the go, the feature phone is for you! The feature cellphone’s features may vary from being light-weight, having a built-in-camera, a multi-media player, and sometimes a dual-sim capability. Some feature phones can also have Bluetooth, as well as Wi-Fi.

If you are a techy, or a techy at heart who knows exactly what he or she knows, the smartphone is for you! With a more advanced technology and a highly impressive structure, it is surely made for people who are looking for something more than calling, texting, and a limited amount of apps.

The World of Smartphones

Which do you prefer: the Android Operating System or the iOS? It’s all a matter of preference. These two operating systems have been ruling the world of smartphones. Samsung, one of the leading smartphone brands runs on Android, they have been religiously updating it and making it better for consumers. On the other hand, Apple is the only brand that runs on iOS and their updates are being watched out for by Apple enthusiasts.

If you are on a budget but want a smartphone, there are a lot of cellphones that are quite affordable. Big names like LG, Samsung and Blackberry, as well as local brands such as Cherry Mobile, MyPhone, and Torque offer a vast selection of smartphones.

Buying a Cellphone

When buying a cellphone in general, don’t just consider the design and look and feel. You must also know its operating system, storage capacity, built-in camera megapixels, screen-size, the dimensions of the phone, as well as its other capabilities. And don’t forget to check for reviews and ratings, as well.