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Frequency response: 280Hz-16KHzSensitivity/sound pressure level: 80dBImpedance: 32 ohmsBattery ...
Frequency response: 280Hz-16KHzSensitivity/sound pressure level: 80dBImpedance: 32 ohmsBattery capacity: 520mAhWorking time: 5 hoursBluetooth range: 10mCompatible with most media player with Bluetooth deviceCharging time: 3-4 hours
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High Quality ProductVoice Prompt, Noise Reduction & Echo CancellationSupport Profile: Headset Profile; Hands-Free Profile; Advanced Audio Distribution Profile Talk time: Up to  8hours  Play time: Up to  7  hours  Charging time: Approximately 2 hours 
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Innovation through the mobile phone

Not too long ago, the smartphone was the most innovative piece of technology crafted by enthusiastic developers and forward-thinking creators. Its features are very outstanding, combining the capabilities of a computer, a cellphone, and a camera into one pocket device. The technology was very impressive, that those who had these devices were only the well-off. Even today, there is still no device that can compare to the advancement brought to us by this simple handheld. However, people began to learn to adapt, to the point that almost everyone can have this incarnation of the mobile phone these days.

Mass production of mobile phones

The turn of the tide for the mobile device began when the big companies started developing mobile phones that are affordable for the middle class. As these mobile groups continue to make business phones for the higher class, they would often release an affordable version that can appeal to a larger market. Eventually, the smaller tech companies got their share of the technology and began producing their own devices, comparable to those made by the likes of Samsung, Sony Xperia, and even the iPhone. The economics of the smartphone became equally as vast as the brands that create them, that you can choose either an affordable phone with okay specs, or go for broke and choose the best flagship that you can show off.

Mobiles long

    Flagship phone

  • Standard features: Also known as a high-end phone, this is basically the phone that carries the brand’s name. All of the best and finest specs and features, a smartphone can offer are put into the flagship device.
  • Technical specs: Flagships run the latest OS, upgradable to the next OS, and comes with fast processor speeds. In terms of memory, the flagship has large (albeit non expansive) storage, and at least 2GB RAM
  • Known flagship brands: Apple iPhone, Sony Xperia Z series, Samsung Galaxy S series, and the LG G Series

    Midrange phone

  • Standard features: As the name suggests, the devices that fall under this group are in the middle in terms of specs. The devices here are practical for most users, equipped with above-average features, with at least 3 flagship specs.
  • Technical Specs: Runs the latest OS with an OTA update for the next OS at optimum processor speeds. At least 1GB RAM, with expandable storage capacity via microSD
  • Known midrange brands: Sony Xperia E, Huawei Ascend, Asus Zenfone series, Lenovo phone series, Xiaomi

    Entry-Level phones

  • Standard features: Known as the budget phone, these are the more affordable brands of phones, produced by companies specifically for those who are new to the smartphone.
  • Technical Specs: Runs either a previous OS or the latest OS. Decent processor speeds, topping at 1.5GHz under a dual-core chip. A much smaller internal storage, expandable via microSD, with a maximum of 1GB RAM
  • Known entry-level brands: Cherry Mobile, MyPhone, Starmobile, ArcMobile, Kata