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Mobile Accessories

Demand for Mobile Accessories

Whether youre carrying a smartphone or an android phone in your hands, having a mobile accessory is a must. Today, it’s not just about having the latest gadget in your hands, but it is also about having trinkets that will go with it. Make your cellular look classier and up to trend now. These trimmings have their different purposes on your cellphone that you will absolutely love.

Must Have Cellphone Accessories

Today, when we talk about things such as - phone covers, headset or earphones, bluetooth headset, power bank, usb cords, speakers, micro-SD card, etc – we are talking about enhancing the looks and features of your phone. These are just some of the phone accessories that you can choose from. Most of the mobile trinkets that are out in the market today are pretty affordable. Different varieties, brands, and designs are out on the market today, all you need to do is to choose the right one that will match your preference. Make your phone more special and on trend with this additional trimmings for your mobile device.

    Cases & Covers

  • Uses: To protect your phones from unnecessary scratch or from breaking after a hard fall
  • Advantage: It doesn't let your phone look classy, it also enhance some of the features on your phones
  • Features: There are kinds of cases & covers that might be fitted on your phone. This are Polycarbonate Cases, Plastic Cases, Carbon Fiber Cases, Silicone Cases, Metal Cases, and Leather Cases
  • Brands: Aixuan, Alibaba, Bone Collection, DiGibabe, Great Deals and Halo are some of the brands creating cases for gadgets

    Batteries & Chargers

  • Uses: Ideal for a portable charging anywhere and anytime you want
  • Advantage: Compatible to cellphones, tablets and phablets
  • Features: This items can be plug into single to multiple outlet and has large capacity such as 5200mAh, 10400mAh, to 13000mAh
  • Brands: Airborne Tech, Apple, Romoss, MoYou, OEM, and Samsung are some of the brands providing durable batteries and chargers in the market


  • Uses: It's much more convenient and comfortable to use a headset, than to hold a handset or to squeeze it between your cheek and your shoulder to free your hands.
  • Advantage: Primarily use for music, but can also be use in phone conversation
  • Features: Types of headsets are Ear Bud, In-Ear Canal, Over The Ear, On The Ear, and Bluetooth
  • Brands: Brands like A4Tech, Dausen, E-Wave, JBL, Jabra, Marshall, Plantronics and Razer are just few that makes high quality headsets