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Makeup: Best Prices in the Philippines

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Makeup is Designed to Enhance Your Features

The modern Filipina doesn’t just want to feel good, but to look good as well! Some would rather dress nicely, but some turn to makeup. Many types of make-up now conquer the market. Starting from foundations, to concealers, to lipsticks, to eyeliners and eye shadows – each makeup is designed to enhance your features. Like fashion, makeup evolves from one trend to another. May it be the smoky-eye, the bold lip, the cat eye, or the bare-faced look – all these trends have been constantly changing each season. Despite the on-going and passing trends, every woman still has her own makeup staple like the foundation, mascara, lipstick, and eyeliner. There is a lot of makeup that a woman can select from!

Nowadays, makeup brands have been creating and releasing a lot of innovations in the beauty department. A good example of this innovation is the BB cream (blemish balm) that boomed in South Korea. The BB cream acts as a sunblock, moisturizer, and foundation in just one packaging – after a few months of its popularity it was soon followed by the CC cream (color corrector). Leading brands in the cosmetics industry like Bobbi Brown and Shiseido have been giving women the best products when it comes to makeup. They create long-lasting and quality make-up for the modern woman. Aside from these high-end makeup brands, there are also other names in the market that counter their offerings like Wet n Wild, L.A. Colours, and Pond’s that are cheaper and more pocket-friendly.

Must-Haves for Makeup Enthusiasts

Western makeup names aren’t the only ones doing well in the Philippine cosmetics industry; Asian brands have also been developing products that are starting to become must-haves for makeup enthusiasts, and beauty connoisseurs. Missha, Holika Holika, Etude House, Fairy Drops, and Ellana are slowly invading the Philippine makeup scene. Beauty gurus around the nation have been praising and giving good reviews to their BB creams, mascaras, finishing powders, as well as their lipsticks!

Buying Makeup is Like Buying Clothes

A great tip that needs to be passed along the ages is to always choose the perfect shade that suits your skin tone. Remember that buying makeup is like buying clothes – not every article of clothing that you find nice would look the way you want it to when you wear it. The same thing goes for makeup. Some lipstick shades are for cool skin tones, however some do not. There are foundation shades that are perfect for olive skin tones, and there are a few that do not. Choosing the perfect shade of foundation, lipstick, or eye shadow may take some time but do pack a lot of patience!