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Operating System: Windows 8.1 CPU (Model + Speed): Intel Core i7 5500U 2.40ghz Processor RAM and Hard Disk Drive (HDD): 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 920M 4GB Connectivity options: 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth Camera resolution (MP): HD Webcam Battery ...
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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 12" Intel Core i5 8GB (Light Gray). Microsoft combines the portability of a tablet and the performance of a laptop with the Surface Pro 3 256GB 12" Multi-Touch Tablet. Weighing just 1.76 pounds and measuring just ...
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" Operating system: Windows 8.1 Single Language Screen Size: 14"" HD Touch, HD720P Processor: Intel Core i5-4210U Memory: 4GB, Storage: 500GB Connection: Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g,USB 3.0 Camera: 1.3M Pixel Battery: 4 Cell Battery Power consumption: 220V/0 Watts "

It is Not Just a Laptop, It is A New MacBook

What else can be said about the MacBook? This very premium device line have sold over a hundred thousand units despite its premium price tag, showing the full capacities of this device in providing the most unique and useful interface and systems that you could ever use. The laptop that changed the way of modern computer not just distanced itself from the standard way of using computers, but also created the new norm; a standard that most developers and OS makers would try to mimic on their own devices. And when they do, a new MacBook will be introduced, changing the way people use laptops yet again. With the Macbook reaching new heights of popularity, you can really expect that the devices they make will be more than just specs and updates.

The MacBook Pro Goes Full Capacity With their Resolution and Design

Contrary to popular belief, there are actually three types of MacBooks made by Apple. The standard MacBook which people know, the MacBook Air which is the brand’s ultrabook line, and the MacBook Pro, the most premium and work-related device used by professionals in their projects and designs. Each of the devices made serve particular purposes in lifestyle and design, while the other laptops are made for overall usage and performance. Overall, you can simply look into the number of satisfied users of this Apple laptop, and see how well the build and quality of this device comes in with your personal preference. Then again, you will really want to learn how to use this very impressive and high quality devices all for you.

    MacBook with Retina

  • Overview: Apple’s application of the retina display not just adds resolution and expands high-definition settings, but also maximizes the internal specs, allowing the users to see the improvements of their specs.
  • Specs: The MacBook with retina runs OSX on a 1.3GHz Intel-core processor. The device uses retina and Intel HD graphics on its 12-inch display. The device comes with a 512GB internal storage, and a maximum of 8GB RAM
  • Uses: The Macbook with retina is actually a commercialized casual laptop. But these can also be proper as working laptops and IT laptops.

    Apple Macbook Air

  • Overview: A laptop that is lighter than air. It is kind of a long stretch, but Apple brings the next best thing with the latest Apple Macbook Air.
  • Operating System: The latest MacBook Air runs the OS X on a 1.6GHz Intel-core i5 processor, while its 13-inch LED backlit display comes with Intel HD Graphics, and 1440 × 900 display resolution. This laptop is equipped with a up 256GB internal SSD storage, and up to 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • Uses: This portable and powerful ultrabook is the best suited device for study, school, and other essentials. These devices also work the best as portable devices that you can bring wherever you go.

    Apple MacBook Pro

  • Overview: The latest and the most impressive line of viable laptops for professionals, the MacBook Pro comes with the very latest specs in terms of usage and capacity, all for the purpose of providing the finest laptop that you can bring to your office.
  • Operating System: The most high-end version of the MacBook Pro runs the OS X on a 2.9GHz Intel-core i7 processor. This laptop comes with a maximum 17-inch LED backlit display with Intel HD Graphics, and 1920 × 1200 display resolution . It carries a max capacity of 750GB internal storage, and 8GB RAM
  • Uses : As stated, these devices are very well suitable for work and business, with its memory, storage, and processing power working the best as it could. This device also bring in the best of what the Apple can really do in terms of computers.