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Luggage: Best Prices in the Philippines

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Purchase the Perfect Luggage

Got bitten by the travel bug? Good for you! Found the perfect destination? Great! Now it’s time for you to purchase the perfect luggage bag for your trip.

Looking for a luggage is relatively easy if you know what you want – the color, the material used, and the size; whether it’s a duffel bag, a trolley or a suitcase, there are surely several types that you can choose from. If you are planning a huge trip that may take more than a few weeks, then you may need to get a bigger luggage bag and a few hand-carried ones. You can find luggage bags that can be as big as 28 inches in size. Some brands like Racini, Patriot, and Forthpack have travel bags that come in a variety of bright colors and an assortment of sizes too! Speedo and Airwalk also offer many duffel bags in different shapes to fit your stuff that can be perfect for your short trips. For the material, you have an option whether the luggage bag of your choice should have a soft case that is usually made with an ABS material, or a hard case which is made with hard plastic.

If a luggage bag is too big and too inconvenient for you to bring to your trip, then pick an overnight bag or a smaller version of the luggage you want. There are luggage brands that offer the same design of the bag you want but in a more compact size. The 28-inch bag that you want may come in a 20-inch model, so do not fret.

Going on a family trip that requires you to tag your kids along, or maybe your little cousin? There are luggage bags for them, too! Labels like ELLE, Disney, Racini Kids, and Munchkin have a selection of bags in various designs both for boys and girls that can get them covered for the trip.

Double-Checking Your Bag

Once you are done packing your essentials and double-checking your bag, always remember to protect it. Luggage bags these days come with a TSA lock that may prevent theft in airports or terminals in general. If your luggage is not equipped with the TSA lock, then be sure to buy a small padlock just enough to keep the zippers secure. Keep the key in a place only you know to be sure.

When all that is done, don't forget to have a safe and enjoyable trip!