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Laptop for All Kinds of Users

If your computer system is no longer meeting your needs, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Laptops exist to make our lives easier, but computers aren’t one-size-fits-all. Some will be more suited to your level of usage and the applications you wish to use than others. This is why buyers are advised to carefully consider their requirements first before they start shopping around for a system or for additional components.

Those who intend to use their device mainly for e-mails or surfing the net, for example, can opt for a netbook. Typically, netbooks are smaller and lighter than notebook computers and have a longer battery life. They’re not as fully loaded—their processors are not as powerful, for one—but if you don’t plan to do anything demanding like edit videos, then they should suit you just fine. On the other hand, if you do intend to run demanding applications and play video games, then you’d be better off with a fully loaded replacement laptop.

The Basics of Laptop Equipment

After you decide on whether or not you’ll be better off with a notebook or netbook, a Mac or a PC—all of which will depend on your own lifestyle and personal preferences—you’ll want to turn your attention to the technical specifications. You’ll want bigger RAM since this will have a direct impact on your computer’s speed and you’ll want a newer processor since these generally provide a faster and cooler performance than their older brethren. Consider getting a unit with a dedicated graphics card as well, especially if you plan on running multimedia applications.

Once you know what you want, shopping becomes a much more enjoyable experience. Take a look at what Lazada Philippines has to offer today!

Is it for Work or Pleasure?

So you finally decide to scrap your old laptop and get a new one. Or maybe you’re here to find the perfect gift for a friend or relative? You definitely won’t go wrong in gifting a laptop! But what is it that you or your lucky recipient wants? For what purpose will the laptop be primarily used for?

If you’re still confused, then you’re in good hands at Lazada. We have successfully categorized laptops so that you would be able to easily browse through the numerous models and brands available. Find laptops for entertainment, essentials, gaming, professional, ultraportability, and Windows 8. Shop now!