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An answer to your prayers: Laptop

Would you go back for a bit and remember the day when you opened a desktop computer for the first time, can you still remember how huge your smile was? That day was very memorable. That was either the time when you topped your class and your parents rewarded you for your achievement. You used it for games and your normal research homework during elementary days and early high school years. Remember how excited you were to go home right after school because finally you can continue with that game you are trying to finish. Not forgetting the school paperwork you are supposed to finish as well, right? Those were golden days.

But high school came and you were a growing teenager who wants most of his/her time spent inside your room. Your parents won’t let you move the desktop to your room, because, of course, your sibs also won’t let that happen. So your parents thought that it’s high time for you to get that laptop you have been eyeing for weeks already. It was oh so glorious. Now, you can have your very own time inside your room while doing your schoolwork, of course.

Knowing more of the Laptop for You

Now, rewind just a little bit to that. How were you able to pick that beloved compact computer of yours? Well, among the many models out there, it would be quite confusing if you don’t have any idea of what you will want and also what you will need. Probably the first thing that people consider when buying a laptop is the storage capacity. It ranges from 120GB upto 1 terabyte. Imagine all the photos, and movies, and documents that you can store in that much of space! In order for you to be able to switch from one application to the next, a good RAM is available. You can choose up to 8GB in capacity. That one is sure a fast-responding laptop for you. Screen size varies as well, depending on the user, you can bring home as little as 12” to as huge as 18”. That would be cool if you are one on the graphic artistry side and you need a larger screen for editing, and while we’re on that, it’s best also that you choose the processor that has higher specification such as 2.5GHz (gigahertz), but 1.5GHz is also up for grabs, and is not bad at that too. The highest screen resolution available is 21MP, and the lowest is 4MP. Considering its operating system is also a must, there are several OS that you can choose from to see which suits your lifestyle—DOS, Linux, Mac OS X, and the series of Windows. With all that going on, a reliable battery would be good. Now, there are different kinds of batteries for these mini-computers—4 cell battery that ha 2600mAh capacity, 3-cell lithium batteries, and lithium polymer. Choosing the battery to go with your unit depends on the needs that you have.

Knowing such information will greatly help you in your search for your beloved laptop. You may also find a lot of reviews online regarding the brands that would look good on you, there are way many electronic brands that offer good choices for you such as Acer, Samsung, Toshiba, Dell, Lenovo, HP, etc. So you just have to make sure that you get to choose the ones that would suit your lifestyle and also your budget. With all of that in mind, and managed, you’re good to go and ready to get your very own laptop!