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Home Appliances

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Koii Power Whole Fruit Juicer 2L
(17 reviews)
  • Powerful 850watt motor
  • Surgical-quality stainless steel blade
  • 2 liter detachable pulp container
  • Extra-large feeder
  • Up to 30% more juice than other juicers
  • Built-in safety features
  • Fast clean up and dishwasher safe
₱ 1,899.00 -62%
₱ 5,000.00
American Heritage AHCF-ECON 52" Ceiling Fan (Antique)
(170 reviews)
  • For orders outside Luzon, please expect additional fifteenᅠ(15) days shipping due to airline safety restrictions
  • Ceiling fan
  • 220 V
  • 3 way light switch
  • 3 speed fan motor
  • Choice of forward or reverse air motion
₱ 2,199.00 -19%
₱ 2,699.00
Fukuda SF164XS 16" Banana Blade Plastic Stand Fan (Green) Buy 1Take 1
(178 reviews)
  • 16" Stand Fan
  • Banana Blade
  • 220v/60Hz
  • Cross Base
  • 3-Speed Control
  • Oscillating action
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
₱ 1,399.00 -42%
₱ 2,399.00
12-Stitch Expert Sewing Machine (Pink/White)
(30 reviews)
  • 12 different sewing options
  • Work light
  • Battery operated
  • Compact & lightweight 
₱ 2,468.00 -59%
₱ 5,999.00
More sellers from ₱ 2,468.99
Sew Simple 12-Stitch Sewing Machine (White)
(218 reviews)
  • Double thread, Double speed
  • Featuring 10 buit-in stitch patterns
  • Forward and Reverse sewing
  • Automatic thread rewind
  • Storage drawer included
  • Built-in light for sewing
₱ 1,499.00 -50%
₱ 2,999.00
Ice Smashing Electric Crusher Machine (Silver)
(353 reviews)
  • Powerful 500w motor and stainless steel blades
  • Comes with stainless steel bowl
  • Great for crushing big ice to shaved ice for halo-halo or ice crumble
  • Non-rust, safe, and environment-friendly
  • Simple and convenient
₱ 1,299.00 -74%
₱ 4,999.00
Demotech Super Bullet 12-piece High Speed Blender/ Juicer (Black)
(85 reviews)
  • A nutrient extractor
  • Has incredible extraction abilities
  • Transforms ordinary foods into extraordinary nutrition
  • Converts whole vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and other superfoods into exceptional liquid fuel for your body
₱ 1,399.00 -72%
₱ 4,999.00
Iwata AIRCOOL-Z13 Evaporative Air Cooler (Black)
(13 reviews)
  • 65 watts power for 10-12m area
  • 3 fan speed
  • 4 liters water tank capacity
  • With ionizer
  • 30 mins. To 7.5 hours timer
  • 3 wind modes with automatic vertical louver for oscillation
₱ 2,799.00 -12%
₱ 3,195.00
Fukuda SF164XS 16" Banana Blade Plastic Stand Fan (Blue) Buy 1 Take 1
(45 reviews)
  • 16" Stand Fan
  • Banana Blade
  • 220v/60Hz
  • Cross Base
  • 3-Speed Control
  • Oscillating action
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
₱ 1,399.00 -42%
₱ 2,399.00
Symphony Diet 8i Air Cooler with iPure Technology
(96 reviews)
  • Tank Capacity (Litres) : Up to the brim: 8
  • Product Features : Cooling Capacity for room upto 23 cu mt / 800 cu ft
  • Dust Filter / Mosquito Net for Odourless, Clean & Purified Air
  • Powerful Air flow with Automatic Louvers movement for wider air flow
  • Dura Pump Technology for enhanced Pump Life
  • Tank Capacity of (upto brim-8 Liter)
  • Power Consumption 95 W( Equal to 1 Fan)
  • Multi Directional Castor Wheels for easy movement of cooler
  • SUPC: SDL072923295
₱ 4,799.00 -11%
₱ 5,399.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 303.15
Iwata Aircool Z-11 Evaporative Air Cooler (White)
(79 reviews)
  • 65 watts power for 10-12m²area
  • 3 fan speed
  • 4 liters water tank capacity
  • With automatic vertical louver for oscillation
  • With handle & sturdy piano button for manual control
  • With caster wheels
₱ 2,299.00 -18%
₱ 2,795.00
More sellers from ₱ 2,795.00
Matrix MX-MW20PY78-L Microwave Oven 20L
(54 reviews)
  • 20 Liters Capacity
  • 220v/60Hz
  • Defrost by weight
  • Cooking end signal
₱ 2,199.00 -52%
₱ 4,599.00
More sellers from ₱ 2,999.00
Demotech 12-piece High Speed Power Blender/ Juicer
(2 reviews)
  • A nutrient extractor
  • Has incredible extraction abilities
  • Transforms ordinary foods into extraordinary nutrition
  • Converts whole vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and other superfoods into exceptional liquid fuel for your body
₱ 1,399.00 -72%
₱ 4,999.00
American Heritage Handy Vacuum Cleaner AHVC-94
(51 reviews)
  • 220V-60Hz/600W
  • Rubber lining for safety
  • Streamline shape
  • Multiple filter avoids re-contamination
  • Includes dusting brush
  • Easy to handle
  • Complete accessories
₱ 1,299.00 -13%
₱ 1,499.00
American Heritage TURBO BROILER AHTB-2033
(40 reviews)
  • 220V-60Hz/1300W
  • Capacity: 11L
  • Safe tempered glass pot
  • Low usage of electricity
  • Light-wave technology enables proportionate cooking
  • Heats up and cook quickly
  • Thoroughly thaws out frozen food
  • Excellent turbo wash function for self-cleaning
  • Easy operation with time and temp. control
  • Cook food evenly
₱ 1,499.00 -12%
₱ 1,699.00
D&D Single Tub Semi-automatic Washing Machine
(83 reviews)
  • For orders outside Luzon, please expect additional fifteen (15) days shipping due to airline safety restrictions
  • Single tub washing machine
  • 4.5kg. capacity
  • 220V/60Hz
  • Powerful wash motor
  • Low electric consumption
  • High-grade plastic material case
₱ 1,999.00 -33%
₱ 2,999.00
Demotech DMFMS01 Multi-Functional Food Processor And Mixer System (Multicolor)
(136 reviews)
  • 20-240V / 50-60Hz / 230W
  • Equipped with 230W motor and a built-in micro-switch
  • Ideal for chopping, grating and blending
  • Full size blender jug, use to make milkshakes, pancake batters or cocktails
  • Re-sealable lid
₱ 1,198.99 -14%
₱ 1,398.99
More sellers from ₱ 1,199.00
Imarflex IT-1212SG Oven Toaster
(5 reviews)
  • 9L Capacity
  • Tempered Glass Door
  • 30min Timer
  • Intelligent Pop-Up Switch
₱ 1,400.00
Joven 2000E/S510 Single Point Water Heater (White)
(38 reviews)
  • Water Heater
  • Material: Plastic
  • Electrical loading: 2.2 kW~5.2 kW
  • Water pressure: 10 kPa / 1.45 psi / 0.1 bar (min), 380 kPa / 55 psi / 3.8 bar (max)
  • Water flow: 2 litres per minute (min), 8 litres per minute (max)
  • Inlet/outlet connection: 15mm (1/2" BSP) – Single Point System
  • IP25 Splash proof protection quarter turn ceramic SF valve
  • International standard IEC 60529 compliance
  • Adjustable push up or down shower holder soap
₱ 3,886.00 -17%
₱ 4,699.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 245.48
More sellers from ₱ 3,887.00
Koii Power Juicer SK168 (Silver)
(52 reviews)
  • Material: Surgical-quality stainless steel blade
  • Size:41cm x 34cm x 20cm
  • Wattage: 850W
  • Capacity: 2.0L
  • Separates seeds from juice
  • Diameter: 75mm
₱ 1,365.00 -54%
₱ 2,999.00
More sellers from ₱ 1,498.99
Nikon NWF16-1D 16" Wall Fan (White/Green) Buy1 Take 1
(57 reviews)
  • Power: 60 watts
  • Voltage: 230V / 60 Hz
  • Powerful Motor
  • 3 Speed Control
  • Continuous Rotary Switch
  • with TCO Fuse for Safety
  • 3 Leaf Unbreakable PP Blade
₱ 2,100.00 -12%
₱ 2,390.00
More sellers from ₱ 2,100.00
EZY ES-66F 1.7 Cu.ft. Refrigerator (Blue)
(40 reviews)
  • For orders outside Luzon, please expect additional fifteen (15) days shipping due to airline safety restrictions
  • 1.7 Cu.ft. Refrigerator
  • 220V/90W
  • EER: 167
  • Compressor cooling
  • Half-width freezer compartment
  • Full range temperature control
  • CFC-free refrigerant
₱ 4,390.00 -27%
₱ 5,995.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 277.32
EcoGreen 50 Watt Outdoor LED Floodlight Daylight (Grey)
  • Easy to install
  • Large voltage tolerance (85 to 260)
  • No mercury
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • ROHS Certified, no toxic chemicals
  • Zero light pollution – light only areas that needed lighting
  • Highest CRI at 82 to 84
  • No radio interference, no interference on other electrical items.
₱ 2,499.00 -72%
₱ 9,000.00
Changli Crown 16" Wall Fan (Sky Blue/White) Buy 1 Take 1
(16 reviews)
  • New Design Wall Fan
  • With Automatic Overheat Cut-Off
  • Powerful Airflow with PP Blade
  •  High Quality Fibre Lubricating Oil Make Mute Noise
  • 16" WALL FAN  CHANGLI CROWN  (Sky Blue/White) Buy 1 Take 1
₱ 1,599.00 -38%
₱ 2,599.00
lazada and USA best selling BIG Power Juicer (Red)
(8 reviews)
  • It’s NOT a blender, it’s NOT a juicer! It is a NUTRITIONAL  EXTRACTOR
  • Breaks down ingredients into their most nutritious and easy to absorb state
  • The healthiest way to eat
  • The easiest way to get all the nutrients your body needs
₱ 1,499.00 -63%
₱ 3,999.00
American Heritage AHVC-6178 Vacuum Cleaner Tornado (White/Green)
(7 reviews)
  • User friendly
  • Multiple filter to avoid recontamination
  • Rubber rim lining for safety
  • Dustbag-full indicator
  • Automatic power cord winder
  • 360° rotary tube
  • Convenient tube
₱ 1,899.00 -14%
₱ 2,199.00
Caribbean CTB-2005 Turbo Broiler (White)
(8 reviews)
  • 60 minutes timer
  • Halogen heater
  • Glass bowl
  • Adjustable temperature 65°c to 240°c
  • Cool touch handle
  • Color Available: White
₱ 1,299.00 -35%
₱ 1,999.00
MorganStar Power Blender / Fruit Extractor
(109 reviews)
  • 600 watt blender
  • reduces seeds, fiber and husks
  • gives you the most smoothest blend
  • releasing important vitamins and minerals contained within
₱ 1,299.00 -46%
₱ 2,399.00
Fujidenzo MM-22 BL 20L Microwave Oven with Mechanical Control(Black)
(70 reviews)
  • 20 Liters Microwave Oven
  • 220V~60Hz
  • Microwave Power: 1050W
  • 5 Power Levels
  • 30 Minute Timer
  • Smart Wave System - For Even Cooking
  • Defrost Function
  • Mechanical Control
  • End of Cooking Signal
Fujidenzo JWS-680 Single Tub Washing Machine 6.8 kg
(36 reviews)
  • 6.8 Kg. Single Tub washing machine
  • 220V/150W
  • Material: Rust-proof plastic body
  • Eco-soakWash cycle
  • Powerful pulsator
  • End of cycle signals
  • Rat-proof base/Lint filter
  • Heavy duty design
₱ 3,498.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 220.97
American Heritage AHOT-6099 43L Electric Oven w Rotisserie (Black)
(13 reviews)
  • Rotisserie grill
  • Energy saving function
  • Variable temperature control
  • High temperature resistant
  • Tempered safety glass door
  • 60-minute timer switch
  • Powder-coated cabinet
₱ 2,999.00 -9%
₱ 3,299.00
Dynamex DSF16B 16" Stand Fan (Blue)
(15 reviews)
  • 16" Stand Fan
  • Powerful condenser motor
  • Thermally protected
  • High Performance Motor
  • 3-Speed Control
  • Banana Blade
₱ 1,099.00
Rinnai Ri-522SC (Economic Burner Gas Stove)
(12 reviews)
  • Coated top plate with economic burner
  • Pan support
  • Enamel cap burner heads
  • Rubber legs
  • Efficient burner can produce more gas savings
₱ 1,550.00 -20%
₱ 1,935.00
Standard SPC 8QC 8qt Pressure Cooker (Silver)
(12 reviews)
  • Capacity: 9 kilos
  • Cooks quicker than normal pots
  • Ideal for tenderizing meat
  • Pressurized handle
  • Central Pressure valve with self- locking mechanism
  • Use with gas or electric cooker
₱ 1,399.00 -1%
₱ 1,400.00
More sellers from ₱ 1,499.00
Voucher is not applicable for this item
LHR FHSM-700 Double Thread Automatic Pedal Multi Sewing Machine (White/Blue)
(101 reviews)
  • Double thread, double speed
  • Featuring 16 built-in stitch patterns
  • Forward and reverse sewing
  • Automatic thread rewind
  • Sews sleeves
  • Use DC 12V 2A power
  • Uses hand switch or foot pedal to start
  • Nail plate sewing buttons
  • Built-in sewing light
₱ 2,999.00 -42%
₱ 5,200.00
Imarflex IRJ-1800Y 4 in 1 Multi-function Rice Cooker 1.8L 10 Cups
(12 reviews)
  • Rice Cooker, Warmer, Shabu-shabu & Steamer
  • 3 Dimensional Cooking
  • Teflex Non-stick Coating Pot
  • Measuring Cup & Spatula
  • 1.8 Liter 10 Cups Capacity
  • Dew Collector
  • Pilot Light Indicator
  • 700 Watts
₱ 1,800.00
Items per pages
home appliances

As technology influence our home appliances

Truly modern technology has its ways in influencing everything under the sun, bringing in a new way of living, outlook and perspectives in life. Just as how people do their things today is the same as how electronics and gadgets do theirs, and same way goes for house appliances—multitasking, high tech functions and never ending bonus features, expect these major appliances to do just the same. Many of these products now come with so many features to offer such as convenient designs, energy efficient savings, space saving options and the very sophisticated modern finishes and they come in so many ways. Although major appliances can be found in areas such as laundry room, bedroom and living room, the kitchen is one of the primary places where these household items are housed, and also is the reason why there’s so many models and innovations happening in the kitchen appliances’ field.

With the technology on the hype of improving every line of home appliances, these items can simplify daily household routines such as cleaning, garment care, cooking and other existing household chores. Plus, they can make your home look modern, sleek and beautiful. Basically, it’s a win-win situation for both purpose and aesthetic side of the purchase. The only thing consumers have to do is to familiarize themselves to these house appliances and do their research. By becoming aware of so many types and styles of today’s major appliances and learning how to identify which of them would best suit your household needs, making an informed purchasing decision is just a walk in the park!

Welcome Home: The house appliances we can’t live without

Definitely there are so many appliances that can help us in our daily tasks today, thanks to the luck that benefited the men of science, business and faith that is. The leaps in our technical know-how and knack of using new knowledge had led us to the inventions of these marvelous items. But with so many existing and latest types of these appliances, which products do you really need? Confusing eh? Well, these things can be sorted from the latest and most advanced lines down to the most basic types of house appliances. But don’t underestimate the basics, in fact, they are really what you need.

Home appliances like refrigerators, dryers, washing machines and air conditioning units are the most basic types of major appliances yet they are the most used and purchased - not just because they are now available on online shop. The benefit it brings to the table never changed from the time they graced the market, but that same benefits and uses are what keeping them on the apex of the most needed appliances list. Imagine if there are no refrigerators, just how many food products are spoiled in a single home every day? How can you manage the load of work washing all your laundry for a week? Will malls be that crowded without air conditioning? Look, know and understand, these are some of the top-notch items that bring their special usefulness inside and outside the comfort of your house. You can also treat the inventions of these products as one of the many lucks that benefited you.

house appliances

    Large Appliances

  • Induction Cooker: Induction Stoves are one of the latest types of cooking appliances. Instead of using gas and fire to produce heat, these items uses electricity to produce heat. They come in two-burner and single burner types. These items are known for their safety measures and even spreading of heat during cooking. Some of the known brands of these products are Hyundai, Hanabishi, Kyowa, Imarflex and Philips.
  • Range Hood: Range hoods are used to remove airborne grease, combustion products, smokes, odor and heat while cooking. Some of these items come with fresh air fan that draws in exterior air. Some of the known brands of these products are Fujidenzo, Whirlpool and Electrolux.
  • Refrigerator: Refrigerators can come in mini, single door, two door and multi-door types. Other than types, these appliances can also be divided into size, power and brands. Some branded refrigerators offer unusual compartment sizes for food storing purposes(vegetable and fruit compartments etc.) while some brands offer advanced freezing power and defrost system.
  • Microwave Oven: Ovens primary purpose is for reheating left-over foods and serve it like new. But now, there brands that produces ovens that can cook fresh and raw foods. Cooking methods like roasting, broiling and even baking pastries. The different models of these items offer different power levels, design and timer system. Some of its known brands are Fujidenzo, Hanabishi, Amercan Home, Imarflex and Whirlpool.

    Kitchen Equipment

  • Rice Cooker: Electric rice cooker is one of the most famous product under kitchen appliances. These items differ in sizes, capacity and designs as some of these types now come with a steamer and other functions. Some of the known manufacturers are Hanabishi, Electrolux, American Home, Imarflex and Kyowa.
  • Blender: Also known as mixer, are used to make homemade drinks and beverages such as ice shakes and fruit juices. These items differ in power and power levels.
  • Electric Pan:These items are electrically powered cooking appliances that specializes in frying pancakes and pizzas. These items can come in double side, suspended, pizza pan and electric frying pan types. All of these have the same functions and styles except for electric frying pans which have a deeper surface and are used for deep frying foods.
  • Power Juicer: Power juicers are fruit juice extractors and can be used as juice blender as well. These items can be electrically powered or manually used. They mainly differ in design and extracting capacity.

    Garment Care

  • Dry Iron:Dry irons are garment equipment used for removing wrinkles from fabric. The heating temperature is commonly done from 180-220C depending on the fabric. These items can come in standard, mini and portable types. Dry irons differ mainly in power levels and weight as some of the newest models offer lightweight features for lesser stress while ironing clothes.
  • Washing Machine: Washing Machines are one of the oldest types of home appliances. The newest models offer different power levels, space saving designs, blade styles and energy saving functions. Some of the known brands of these products are Westinghouse, Fujidenzo, Electrolux, Whirlpool and Sharp.
  • Steam Iron: Steam ironing clothes uses steam instead of raw heat in removing wrinkles in clothes. Can come in standard, brush, portable and travel steamer types.
  • Sewing Machine: Can come in mechanical and electric type of sewing machines. Latest models now have mini, standard and portable sizes and offers different functions and speed level. Some of the known brands producing electric sewing machines are OMI, Singer and Smart.