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Fragrances: Best Prices in the Philippines

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Different Types of Fragrances

Once upon a time, each and every one of us has a signature scent, if you don’t have one, that you need to find one. But nowadays, fragrances are being treated like an accessory that you can switch up every day, depending on your mood. There are different types of fragrances that you can choose from depending on what you usually prefer.

The Eau de Toilette scents are created with less perfume oil therefore the fragrance doesn’t tend to last long and you would have to reapply this every now and then. The Eau de Parfum lasts longer than the EDT (eau de toilette) as the perfume oil concentration is more – you do not have to apply a lot to distinguish the aroma.

Choosing a Specific Fragrance

When choosing a specific fragrance, there is not really much that you have to consider because you only have to pick out a scent. You may have to smell a lot of perfumes first before landing the perfect fragrance for you, but do not forget to sniff coffee beans first to cleanse your nasal palates. There are several types of fragrances that you can select from: floral, woody, fruity, citrus, fresh / oceanic, and sometimes even more since the fragrance industry have been coming up with new scents all the time. These are just the basic scents you can start from.

A lot of perfume brands often make a variety of fragrances to offer. Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Lacoste, Polo, and Lanvin among many other premium labels have an available selection of all sorts of scents for both men and women. These brands usually have a signature scent that they make a collection from. A good example of this is Elizabeth Arden. Elizabeth Arden is famous for its Green Tea Eau De Toilette, now they offer a good number of Green Tea varieties! Salvatore Ferragamo’s line of Incanto perfumes also come in more varieties than one can imagine.