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Emanate Elegance with Chic Fragrance

Hygiene and grooming helps you radiate with confidence. And adding a more notable accent through the help of great smelling perfumes, colognes, or body sprays completes it. No other perfume can help give you that confidence boost than world-renowned brands available at Lazada Philippines!

Upon choosing fragrances, is it really just about the scent and the brand? What other factor should you consider? You should take note the different types of perfume. Parfum or perfume is the purest form of fragrance, making it the longest-lasting and the most expensive. Eau de Parfum is less potent than parfum/perfume but is still a bit expensive. Eau de toilette has a lighter scent designed for shorter wear, making it affordable, too. Eau fraiche is women’s cologne while Eau de cologne is designed for men. They are the most affordable out of all fragrances.

Perfumes for Women and Men

Nothing else adds more appeal to a person than smelling fantastic. Both men and women can now enjoy hassle-free perfume purchasing at Lazada – Great Prices. Even Better Service. Register an account prior purchasing!

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