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Hard Copy Books: Predating the Age of the Digital Computer

Hard Copy Books are the permanent reproduction of the books in physical form. The hard copy books can come in the form of teleprint pages, in continuous printed tapes, printouts given by the computer and also in the photo prints of the radio. The audio books which are released in magnetic tape discs or in non-printed punched paper tapes are not the hard copies. The hard copy defines an era where the version of soft copy is non-existent. Hard copy books refer to any sort of manuscript that has been typed, edited and proofread before going for typesetting.

Hard Copy Books are still liked by millions of people across globe. This is because they want to display their book shelves - filled with such books. Many stalwart psychologists believe that keeping Hard Copy Books in shelves is a fashion for many. With digitization and internet, catching hold of e-versions might be easy; but still physical books hold their own charm. Avid readers love the feel of printed letters and ability to read the books anywhere – be it their beds, study rooms, while travelling, or in their study room. Hard copy Best Selling Books are take up the space of book shelves, look appealing, and carry the old-age touch, devoid of much technology or digitization.

Hard Copy Best Selling Books Can Deck Your Book Shelves

The concept of ‘bestselling’ is applicable to the number of copies sold of each book. It is not the number of copies printed rather it’s the highest record of sales of books. The highest sale records from the reliable independent sources. Comics and textbooks do not include in the list of the bestselling books. Bible is one of the Hard Copy Best Selling Books of all ages and sold almost over five billion copies. The list would be incomplete since there are many books in the list. For instance, The Betrothed by Alessandro Manzoni or The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, or A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens are generally the examples of the bestsellers of all times.

You can always have your shelves of Hard Copy Books with these best sellers because they are read and re-read by most people. You can choose your preferred books based on the genre that you like; from the romance, horror, adventure, or even epics. The main attraction of these books is to have the tales learned by the story tellers of all ages. These hard copy books are even available at the country’s top online shopping site today.