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Read Books for Leisure and for Knowledge

Some people like to read for leisure, some for knowledge. Either way, you will surely learn something from it. When picking out a book, you can start by figuring out what genre you want. There are several genres of books that one can enjoy; there is fiction, thriller, drama, romance, autobiographies, as well as educational ones. You can also base your choice on the author from the local or international literature scene. Most writers and authors are very versatile when it comes to the genre, but they all have their individual writing styles. One of the most prominent authors in this generation is J.K. Rowling who is the creator of the very well-loved Harry Potter Series. The way she wrote the celebrated series of books was very enjoyable and entertaining. In fact, it was so entertaining that they have turned it into a movie! Not only is it a must-read but it is also a must-watch. Filipino authors are also very talented. Bob Ong – the writer of the popular book called “ABNKKBSNPLAko?!” has also gathered quite a number of fans and supporters through the years. His works are very famous for its witty and humorous plots.

Reading books is a good source of information especially for children. There are a variety of children’s stories, and educational books with corresponding illustrations to keep them entertained all throughout the learning process.

Books are Meant to be Shared

Are you attending a birthday party, or one of your friends or relatives is celebrating his or her birthday soon? Don’t worry! Books are here to save the day. Yes, books make pretty good gifts. What makes it even more special apart from the plot, is the fact that the recipient of the gift will instantly know that you really put in the effort when it came to thinking of which book to get. Books are meant to be shared – especially if it’s a work of literature that is dear to you.