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Backpacks for Everyone

Throwing away your old worn out backpack because you have too much stuff to bring to school and it’s tearing out already? Why not get a new need a new knapsack to use that is sturdy, stylish, lightweight, and durable. Well, you have come to the right online shopping mall!

Offered to you in your favorite online shopping site is an amazing variety of rucksacks from different brands that will surely fit your preference! Hurry up! Browse through our catalogue and see bags on affordable prices! We offer free delivery!

Quality of Your Pick

You just don’t buy a bag because it’s very cheap, otherwise you’ll end up using it for only a very short amount of time. You want to have something that lasts, one that you can use for years. Scan our wide list of choices, for your eyes only! We have it all: bags with big compartment, big pockets or just multiple pockets for maximum storage capacity, waterproof, padded curved back strap and padded handle grip, straps for items security.

Heavy-duty Back Packs

The rugged terrains or salty tides can really wear down your things. Make sure all are kept in a durable backpack. Enjoy your outdoor travels without having to worry so much about your luggage. Browse Lazada Philippines and order today!

Experience stress-free online shopping at the country's online mall. Register and order as much as you need. It will be securely shipped to you within a few days. A 7-day return policy is also offered for damaged or wrong items.

Various Knapsacks

Lazada carries a variety of backpacks from the likes of Halo, Jansport, Pacsafe, Patriot, Army Knife and more. Take your pick and purchase for everyday use or for an upcoming great outdoor adventure.

Go ahead and get in touch with customer service representatives if you have inquiries about the products available. You may use the form on the contact page or dial the hotline.