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Why Air Filter is Needed Inside Your House

Awareness towards the condition of your air is truly important. Having no awareness toward the importance of it could be detrimental to your health. Air is something intangible and invisible that is why you cannot check it whether it is a good air to inhale or not. Air pollution does not only occur on busy roads, such as high ways—it happens inside your house too. Air filters are now being popular for every home. The health benefits it provides are undeniably helpful to increase the proper health condition. Since, airborne diseases can be get unconsciously—and we should protect ourselves from that. Filter your air for better wellness living.

Air Filters You Have to Know

Air filter comes in different types, such as humidifier, dehumidifier, and air purifier. These products function differently yet serves one purpose—provides you a healthy living. Humidifier increases the moisture in the air. It is ideal for cold season. Dehumidifier, on the other hand, decreases the moisture in the air that is best for high moisture level condition, because too much moisture can promotes mold growth. Lastly, air purifier clean the air for any air pollutant and removes contaminant in the air, such as mold spores, pet dander, dust mites, and any other particles that can triggers allergy or respiratory diseases. To sum up everything, these air filters are very useful to your home. So have that breath of fresh air and get your air filters now.

    Air Purifier

  • Uses: The major use of air purifier is to facilitate hygienic air flow and eliminate odors, pollutants, and fumes
  • Features: Most of the air filter have filters that can be replaced and easy to clean
  • Advantage: Having a clean air means a healthy environment, this product keeps your family from inhaling hazardous element that is detrimental to your family's safety. Also, it improves your sleep.
  • Brands: The top brands providing air purifier are Panasaonic, Pure O3, Sansung, Sharp, Fea, Airfree, Blueair, BroadLink, DeLonghi, Hanbishi, Huang, JML, Kitz, and Luxtech


  • Uses: Dehumidifier are used to reduce moisture content in a room or house during humid climate
  • Features: Dehumidifier comes with many features, such as whisper quiet with renewable reservoir and Automatic fault judgement
  • Advantage: Dehumidifier are also use to eliminate molds, dust mites, and other aerial substance that may trigger or worsen allergy. The product is best for people who have allergy
  • Brands: For dehumidifier, the top brands are Bionaire, Deer, Dorosin, Kolin, Magic Chef, Markers, Midea, Peninsula Appliances, and Raffles


  • Uses: During cold season, humidifier is used to increase the moisture content of the place
  • Features: All humidifier has whisper-quiet ultrasonic operation. Also, some of the humidifier has LED light that is good to watch or ideal for night light
  • Advantage: Cold season may cause us dry skin and nasal passage, with the help of the humidifier it lessen and prevent the possibility of having dry skin and dry nasal passage
  • Brands: The top brands for humidifier are Crane, Doules, Geepas, Goal, Happy Tree, Kits, Newest Gadget, OEM, Sent and Senses, Sharp, Smart77, Wallmark, and Wimpex