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Pureit Excella Water Purifier Filter 1500L  

  • Guaranteed safe drinking water
  • Protects from bacteria, virus, and parasites as per US-EPA standards
  • Removes chemical and metallic impurities
  • Huge savings versus water refilling stations
  • No electricity
  • 1 year warranty
Up to 24 months, as low as ₱ 347.31 per month.
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Product details of Pureit Excella Water Purifier Filter 1500L

Pureit Excella Water Purifier Filter 1500L

Health is wealth; and to preserve your most valuable wealth it’s wise to select the best water purifier available in the market. Pureit Excella Water Purifier Filter 1500L provides you with this solution. This water purifier safeguards you and your family from the various water borne diseases. Completely easy to use and maintain, your life becomes more safe and easy once you make it a part of your life. This water purifier involves five stages of purification which makes it even more reliable. Thus, now you can enjoy crystal clear water at a range that’s not harsh on your pocket.

Artistic Design
The product has been aesthetically designed so that it can be a perfect fit in your lifestyle. Available in blue, the water purifier weighs 3.7 kg. The unit has a built-in indicator which signifies you when you need to replace the purification kit. It also has an auto shut off feature which prevents the water from passing to the bottom chamber, once the Germ kill kit stops working. It thus ensures that every drop of water as provided by the purifier is safe for you and your family.

Top Notch Purification Process
Pureit Excella Water Purifier Filter 1500L follows several stages of purification. At first, water passes through the Germ kill Processor, the Advanced Microfiber Mesh followed by the Carbon Polisher. Thus, the water becomes disinfected from all sorts of viruses, bacteria, germs, various visible and invisible precipitates such as dirt particles, chemicals, and metallic impurities. The Micro-Charged Membrane further purifies the water by eliminating any remaining bacteria or parasites and providing you with fresh, clean, odor free and natural tasting water.

Easy to use
Pureit Excella Water Purifier Filter 1500L is very convenient to use and doesn’t take much of your time. You just need to pour water at the opening that is present at the top of the unit. Also the filter is washable which makes it easy to maintain. However, it’s not recommended to use soap for washing.

Pocket friendly
The most astonishing fact about this product is it is available at an extraordinary price which easily fits your budget. Besides, it contains a year of warranty. Since the product doesn’t run on electricity it ensures you huge savings as compared to other water refilling stations.

Thus, once you include this water purifier in your life, you are guaranteed with safe drinking water which further ensures you a healthy life.

Specifications of Pureit Excella Water Purifier Filter 1500L

What's in the box:
  • 1 x Pureit Excella Water Purifier Filter 1500L
General Features:
Weight (kg) 3.7
Color Blue
Warranty type Lazada refund warranty only
Size (L x W x H cm) 36 x 33 x 61
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  • very satisfied buyer
    2 years ago
    very proud and very satisfied pureit owner.
    other than the quality and functionality of the product.

    I am happy that Lazada helped me in a way of the voucher, to pay much more lesser than the SRP.

    Very satisfied buyer :)

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  • No more water deliveries!
    8 months ago
    been planning to buy this since last year and lazada offers it at a discounted price from time to time (P3500). got it 2 days later in good condition. you need to do the flush out at least several times. as of now, the water still has the aforementioned (faint) chlorinated taste but as someone who has irritable bowel syndrome, i noted that my digestive system isn't as sensitive since i started using it which i hope is for good. planning to get another one for our other house when i'm able to save again. thanks lazada!
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  • very good investment
    2 years ago
    I was bit worried when the water still tastes chlorinated after few cycles of water. Just needed to clean the unit with baking soda and voila!!! fresh drinking water!!!
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  • Five Stars
    2 years ago
    The most affordable water purifier of its class! For less than 5 thousand pesos, we can enjoy the same quality of water that those 30-40 thousand peso units can provide! Thumbs-up for Unilever and Lazada for offering this unit online! One happy Pure-It owner here. Excellent after-market support!
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  • not suitable for children aged 1 1/2 below
    9 months ago
    i wont recommend kids this young to drink from this. my childs stomach became upset after drinking water from pure it so i was so worried. i bought mineral water for him instead. pero sa aming adults okay lang. yun nga lang imbes makatipid, gastos pa rin in buying mineral water for my baby.
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  • After 2 weeks
    6 months ago
    I wasn't here when it was delivered but I'd say that the delivery was prompt and the handling was careful as the parts were in their proper places inside the box. Even after 3 flushes (according to the manual), there was still a chlorine smell which lasted for days. It was around the 7th day that the smell begins to disappear. My family has been using it for 2 weeks now, and we're very much satisfied with this. We feel like we're drinking clean water as it should be- tasteless, and odorless.
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  • Super Great Deal!
    8 months ago
    I feel safe with my drinking water. Thanks to Unilever! Will recommend to my friends and colleagues.
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  • very satisfied customer
    7 months ago
    thanks Lazada for the fast delivery, expected it to be delivered tomorrow but luckily I received it today. Good product, easy to assemble and very affordable.
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  • taste more than water
    2 years ago
    The best! Chlorined water flowed smoothly when drinking it! Thumbs up LAZADA! You should sell the purifier replacemnt also for continues patronage
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  • One question
    3 months ago
    I will ask my question here since the "ask the seller" part of this product is not available. I know Unilever is a gigantic company and all Im hearing on the review are all praises and I hope they will address this question instead of censoring it. I bought one of these unit and it says in the manual to flush or discard the water if unused within 24 hrs. and my question is why would you discard the unused water if its already filtered, purified and germ-free? Isnt it wasteful to always put on new water when you claim that what is filtered already is clean? We are 3 in our household and our daily consumption of water does not exceed at 5 liters per day so are you saying we will discard the remaining unused 4 liters since the capacity of the pureit excella is 9 liters? And FYI, its not stated in the manual if you can store in another container the filtered water for future consumption and if it is still safe to drink.
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