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The Birth of Pampers

Necessity is said to be the mother of invention. In Pampers’ case, it was a grandfather. Thanks to Victor Mills creative thinking, what was once a cloth and clothespin has become a convenient diaper made out of cotton and tape for easy disposal. The said creator decided to make this for his grandson. Next thing you know, these diapers were stocked in departmental stores, supermarkets, and drug stores.

Parents and babies can enjoy easier diaper changes because of Pampers. Various sizes and functionalities are offered to help babies (and parents) feel relief. Avail this baby care product at Lazada Philippines for an easier procurement, too.

Pampers – A Consistent Developer

Victor Mills worked for Procter & Gamble and his idea was utilized and further developed to bring consumers the Pampers of today. Now, Active Baby, Comfort, Regular, Ultra Dry Thins, and many other variants are offered. Purchase these from Lazada! Order today! Your items will be shipped straight to you. No need to travel anywhere else. Buy from the confines of your very home. Purchasing is just a few mouse clicks away.

Feel free to call customer service representatives through the hotline if you have inquiries about the brand and products. Happy shopping!

An American chemical engineer of Procter & Gamble Co, who was looking for a better way to diaper his grandson revolutionized child care with the invention of the disposable diaper. By using his grandchildren as guinea pigs, the Pampers diapers that helped keep babies dry were born. Next thing you know, these diapers were stocked in departmental stores, supermarkets, and drug stores. What Pampers has going for it, other than the fact that it is the first diaper that kept babes dry is that it offers many different sizes of diaers and training pants. In addition, each of their many products are developed to fit each developmental stage of a baby's/toddlers life. Colour also plays a vital role in making Pampers stand out from the other brands with the use of warm colours such as yellow to help convey comfort and pink to convey the fun exciting developmental stage the toddler is now in. Check out the wide range of Pampers diapers at now and be kept abreast of any Pampers deals.