Seller's products - OtterBox: Best Prices in the Philippines


Protect your devices with Otterbox

Do you love your gadgets as like as how you love pizza? If that's so, protect your mobile phones and other devices with Otterbox cases. This is a gadget protector that is a water and shock resistant. Otterbox protectors are perfect for those who are outdoor-enthusiasts. Other than that, this gadget protector can carry iPads, Tablets, and different units of smartphones. Unlike the other gadget cases, Otterbox uses high-quality materials. These kinds of materials are beyond the quantity, yes, you read it right – this high-end protector brand is very affordable. Anyone who has so much TLC (tender loving care) to their gadgets can purchase this device cases because of its cheap price.

Otterboxes: What is it made of?

Otterbox cases are made of foamed silicone, exempting the screen that is made from butyl rubber. It is made out of superior quality plastic, and uses high impact polycarbonate. However, regarding of the materials used, all Otterboxes have equivalent protection. So give yourself a little treat, give your gadgets a useful present by gearing and protecting them with Otterboxes. Don’t let it ruined by just a snap of falling in the floor, dress them the best protector that you can give.

Why choose Otterbox?

  • Otterbox is a very durable brand
  • 101% surely phones are protected
  • Lots of designs to choose from
  • High quality materials
  • Weather proof
  • Light weight
  • Affordable
  • Well-known world wide

    Defender Series

  • Holster style
  • Anti-dust and debris
  • Three-layer protection
  • Anti-scratches screen protector

    Commuter Series

  • Slides easily in and out pocket
  • Two-layer protections
  • Self-adhesive screen protector

    Symmetry Series

  • Suitable for all pocket spaces
  • Has variety of color and style
  • Absorb shock and withstands drops

    Armor Series

  • 6.6 ft. / 2m underwater for 30 minutes
  • 10 ft. / 3m drop to concrete
  • 2 tons / 1.8 tonnes of crushing force