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Apple A1322 A1278 Battery for Macbook Pro 13" Unibody
(2 reviews)
  • For orders outside Luzon, please expect additional fifteen (15) days shipping due to airline safety restrictions
  • Input: 100-240V 50-60Hz 60hz
  • 6600mAh
  • 6cell lithium polymer battery
  • Boxed with anti static
  • Compatible with all MacbookPro 13inch model 2008-2012
  • Easy to Mount
₱ 2,950.00 -25%
₱ 3,950.00

The Ever Premium but Available Macbook

This recent decade, Apple pretty much showed how well their technology has grown for their fans and customers. Their recent advancements in the entertainment and professional line of devices and gadgets show not only the growth of the brand’s unique products, but also the shift of people’s lifestyles based on their usage and dependence of the different Apple products. This has been more prevalent with the people who actively used the Macbook laptops. First developed in 2006 and rereleased in 2015, the Macbook serves as the start-up laptop that introduces users into the portable Mac experience. These laptops generally has all the working components and features unique to the Apple OS, all while providing other familiar interfaces and programs that others can still use.

While it’s quite difficult to picture the Macbook as a start-up device, the original version of the laptop does serve as an entry-level gadget, aimed to introduce people to the expansive specs and features that the Apple laptop has to offer. These items, especially the first Macbook iterations, allows users to work their way through the new Mac OS, giving them reasons to upgrade and go for much better versions of the standard device. Today, the standard Apple laptop gets a major overhaul with the release of their 2015 version, making this device appropriate once again with the other versions and variations of the powerful and dependable Apple Macbook.

The Macbook in the Philippines, Now Available Online

The newest iteration of the Macbook brings back the prestige and the usefulness of the laptop back to its avid fans, all while maintaining the functions and the features so that it wouldn’t cost more, and wouldn’t out-function its other premium variants. This Macbook also serves as the laptop that goes back to its roots, showcasing how well the device works for users even at the most basic level. With a 12-inch retina display that shows 2304 x 1440 resolutions, to its 8GB RAM and 512GB solid state storage, the standard Macbooks offers more opportunities to provide a great experience for its fans and users, all in a much decent price range. The standard Apple Macbook is now available in the Philippines through the country’s premiere and top online shopping site.

Why choose the Apple Macbook?

  • The Apple Macbook is the brand’s first and long-time brand of dependable and high quality laptops.
  • This item provides a new and upgraded experience with what the Apple technology can provide with their computers.
  • The Apple Macbook also comes with the great functions and features, all available at an appropriate price range.