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Do Better with Lenovo

You know Lenovo as the world’s leading personal technology companies that produce innovative computers (both desktop and laptop computers) and mobile internet devices. They are a global Fortune 500 company and is the world’s largest seller of PCs, and the fourth prime smartphone company. Only coming into existence in 2004, Lenovo’s history is much longer than what you would have imagined dating back in 1984. During that time, Legend Holdings was formed in a guard house in China. The company incorporated in Hong Kong in 1988 and has grown to be the largest PC Company in China. In 2004, Lenovo was born; the following year, Lenovo acquired the Personal Computer Division of IBM.

On this day, Lenovo has grown faster because of remarkably engineered products that are meant for those who do. Their customers use innovation to bring the world progress: this is what Lenovo keeps in mind as they design and build their products. Lenovo makes products that customers need, Whether it be a PC, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, server, workstation or storage, it is for what they call the “PC+ world”. And in 2013, Lenovo became the world’s largest computer vendor by unit sales. Lenovo’s core value is simple: innovation.

The Lenovo Innovation

Lenovo manufactures a range of PCs, smartphones and tablets and make sure that you get the best there is that they can offer. Their innovations get better each year that they produce these gadgets as they are very much committed and dedicated to developing new consumer electronics. Their products are very capable and very reliable. You can make no mistake when purchasing a Lenovo.

With keeping their users and consumers in mind, Lenovo manufactures make sure that they keep up with the latest technology when it comes to their desktop computers, laptops and netbooks. Technology is very fast-paced and it would be best not to be the last to know, which Lenovo makes sure that they aren’t.

Although only entering the world of smartphones in 2012, they have already become the largest vendor of smartphones in Mainland China in 2014. The Lenovo cellphone and their tablets run on an Android operating system with a user interface like no other, while their touchscreen response is also quite outstanding. Lenovo smartphones and tablets are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capable, have built-in rear and front cameras, and possess every physical quality of an eye-catching and classy design.