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Lenovo your brand when it comes to Technology

With all the technology that we are presented today, it is not surprising that a lot of brands that produce these products are now populating our world. There is a gadget for everything that we need, starting with our own personal computers at home. All the homework, assignments and study guides that students have to do can now be done in a single unit. Information from books is now easily accessible through the Internet. These are just some of the comforts that the PC gave our generation. Then cellular phones came and instantly were a hit, progressing toward the development of the smartphone. Tablets came and it revolutionized how we do our tasks; all stemming from the comfort of what the computer desktop can, in a portable way.

Bank on Lenovo's Devices today

One of the brands that are able to give you all these gadgets consistently is Lenovo. Being around for more than three decades, this multinational company has proven to be one of the sought-out brands when it comes to long-lasting devices and gadgets. Lenovo provided us so much in such a long time. It is not a surprise what device they can come up next. If you want to get the latest and relevant devices for you and your home, you can be sure that Lenovo has that device ready for you.

Why choose Lenovo?

  • Lenovo offers a wide range of specifications from various products—from smartphones, to laptops, to tablets.
  • Various screen sizes, processors, image resolutions, audio/video quality are offered to suit your lifestyle.
  • Lenovo can be bought in any physical stores and online shopping sites, and are often sold at discounted prices.
  • Devices are catered to different types of users, whether for business, for gaming, or casual use.

    Lenovo Laptops

  • ThinkPad Laptops: The ThinkPad series are known for their precision keyboard that goes along with its renowned red Trackpoint. These laptops include; the ThinkPad Edge Series which are preferred as laptops for small businesses, S Series which are composed of compact performance business laptops, the T Series which are premium laptops, and the X Series which are known for their thin and lightweight design.
  • Standard Lenovo Laptops: The key features of these line of laptops are their innovative designs and responsive performance. Lenovo laptops fit anyone’s budget while still offering many designs and features starting from basic family laptops to more complicated gaming notebooks not to mention the stylish multimode devices that adapts to your needs and wants. The Series comprising this type are; the G series which are your standard, everyday kind of laptops, Y Series which are the premium multimedia laptops, Z Series are the mainstream entertainment laptops and the B series which are the affordable small-business kinds of laptops

    Lenovo Tablets

  • ThinkPad Tablets: These line of tablets are famous for their business features and extreme mobility. Powered by Windows 8, they have the combined ultra-mobility, connectivity and multitouch comfort with the traditional ThinkPad functions.
  • Lenovo A Series Tablets:These tablets are the brand’s entry-level to midrange device, powered by Android. These devices are more for entertainment features and stylish design. They are mainly used for casual use such as Internet and social media browsing. These are also very good as e-readers.
  • Lenovo Yoga Tab Series: The brand’s first attempt at a tablet. The Yoga’s design states that this tablet is unlike any other, made to be versatile enough for work, for media, and for gaming. The The tablet comes with a fixed bottom stand that acts as a reliable connector to an optional keyboard dock.

    Lenovo Smartphones

  • Lenovo Vibe Series: The brand’s flagship series. The Vibe separates from the brand’s other phone series due to its unique features and capabilities exclusive to that phone. High-res phone cameras, twin quad-core processors, and all around glossy form factor, are some of the features unique to this. The phones included to this are the Vibe Z2 Pro, Vibe X2, and the Vibe Shot Camera Phone
  • Lenovo K Series: Once the brand’s designer phone series, the Lenovo K is resurrected as the brand’s new high-end smartphone through the K3 and K3 Note phones. The devices under the series sport both sleek form and dependable and high-end specs to boot.
  • Lenovo A Series Smartphones: Easy to use light on the wallet, the Lenovo A series offers affordable Lenovo phones for first time smartphone users, but these still come with the high-end specws and features that can bring any devices to shame. The latest model from this series is the Lenovo A7000 Plus smartphone, with Full-HD resolution and octa-core processors. The other phones of the series include the Lenovo A7000, which has updated features and specifications.