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  • K-Swiss Dri-fit T-shirt (Grey)

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  • K-Swiss Dark Grey Jacket

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  • K-Swiss Dri-fit T-Shirts (Purple)

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  • K-Swiss Outdoor Jacket (Royal Blue)

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  • K-Swiss 03754002 Court Pro II C Men's ...

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  • K-Swiss 03772116 Hoke EQ CMF Men's Sne...

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  • K-Swiss 03326484 Belmont T Men's Snea...

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  • K-Swiss 3523488 X Lite ST CMF Men's Ru...

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  • K-Swiss KSO03514189 Si-18 Trainer 3 Me...

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  • K-Swiss 03326295 Belmont T Men's Sneak...

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  • K-Swiss 093376458 X Lite Women's Runni...

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  • K-Swiss 03757002 DR Cinch Chukka Men's...

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  • K-Swiss 03523-479 X Lite ST CMF Men's...

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  • K-Swiss 93523494 X Lite ST CMF Women's...

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  • K-Swiss 03326021 Belmont T Men's Sneak...

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  • K-Swiss KSO93359039 Irvine T Women's S...

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  • K-Swiss KSO01734088 Gstaad Men's Sneak...

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  • K-Swiss KSO03376449 X Lite Men's Sneak...

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  • K-Swiss 03757234 DR Cinch Chukka Men's...

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  • K-Swiss 93773717 Hoke Metallic CMF S W...

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  • K-Swiss KSO03510025 Hypercourt LS Heat...

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  • K-Swiss 93773084 Hoke Metallic CMF S W...

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  • K-Swiss KSO93376452 X Lite Men's Sneak...

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K-Swiss Philippines: For All Walks of Life

K-swiss was known for their sneakers that are really an eye-catcher. But, does anyone know that the brand have been introduced in the market in mid 60's and originated at California. It is the decision made by the two siblings that started the company. They have started creating shoes that is perfect for the sport of tennis. The shoes gave powers to the world's greatest players in tennis and became an icon in fashion because of the sleek design.

K-Swiss Has It All

From sport shoes, the company became an official partner to people that are members in country clubs and became open to public due to the demands of people that are wanting to have a pair of these sneakers. The brand was recognized not only in their market locally, but also globally because as time goes by, the company expanded their area of business around the globe and they became successful on enticing the public. The brand does not stop on making new designs that will surely be loved by the public

It also increased the fashion statement of a person because the company made designs that will increase the fashion line of a person. These shoes are available online and will be delivered at your doorstep wherever you are in the Philippines. It saves the hassle of going to malls and falling in line just to be entertained. Reviews and blogs are given to assist you on purchasing the right sneakers. Click on the buy now and experience class in every shoes and excel in sports. Better watch out for the upcoming models that will perfectly blend with your taste.

Why Choose K-Swiss?

  • This brand has been tested and proven by professional models and athletes
  • They have researchers that does not stop on developing ideas to improve the last
  • Their shoes are assured to have high quality materials
  • K-Swiss understand person's needs they made it suit the needs of individuals

    Sports Shoes

  • For: These sports shoes are designed for men and women who want to have a comfortable shoes in their chosen sports
  • Use: This is perfect to use in outdoor activities and other sports
  • Features: It has a comfortable mesh and an insole that is soft and flexible which ensures comfort inside

    Lifestyle Shoes

  • For: These lifestyles shoes are for men and women that want a simple and comfortable shoes that also have trendy designs
  • Uses: These casual/lifestyle shoes are good for everyday use or for running errands
  • Features: These shoes features a comfortable and true-to-size fit plus a soft insole

    Performance Shoes

  • For: Perfect for those who want to get more from their shoes. Design perfect for casual wear but sturdy enough for sports and outdoor wear.
  • Uses: You can use it for your dance, or walking and running, or even for everyday wear
  • Features: Most of the performance shoes have oft, full-grain leather upper, embroidered shield on tongue and heel, closed round-toe and front lace-up fastening