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Huijun Fold-able Manual Home Treadmill (Pink)  

1 Month Local Supplier Warranty
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This item may be returned to Lazada (depending on the reason) within the applicable 7 day or 14 day return period, in accordance with the Lazada return process and policy. After the lapse of the 7 day or 14 day periods, in case the item is covered by a manufacturer, supplier, and/or seller warranty, you can get the contact details of the manufacturer, supplier, and/or seller from Lazada via chat through The contact details may also be found on the product page.

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7 days replacement
  • First one manual treadmill with backward walking function.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Digital Display.
  • Fold able, Space Saver.
  • Expand size: 129 cm x 56 cm x 135 cm L*W*H.
  • Allowable weight: 225 Lbs.
  • On a manual treadmill, the action of your feet against the deck moves the belt.
  • You provide all of the motive power and exercise your lower body.
  • Don't need Electricity to operate, Energy Saver.
Before ₱ 15,000.00,
You save 43%
Up to 24 months, as low as ₱ 536.88 per month.
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Product details of Huijun Fold-able Manual Home Treadmill (Pink)

Benefits of Manual Treadmill
Unlike most treadmills, the manual treadmill is powered not by electricity but by your own effort to move the belt while walking or running. Your pace and motion control the speed. Popular electric models come with computerized settings, speeds and inclines that can target certain areas of the body, or even certain training regimens, such as strength training and interval training. Though these models have an array of benefits, manual treadmills can be more convenient, as they are easier to store and don't require an electric outlet. They do not offer the varied settings, but do provide a beneficial cardiovascular workout routine at a low price.

Advantages of manual treadmill
You can use it anywhere. You don't need electricity, so if the best space for your workout doesn't have a handy electrical outlet, this is not a problem.
Safety: a non-motorized treadmill stops when you stop, you don't have to wear a safety cord to stop it if you slip and fall as you should with a motorized treadmill. This also makes it a little safer around children and pets.

Worth It
A manual treadmill is an inexpensive way to exercise indoors. Automatic treadmills are very expensive and may require yearly maintenance, whereas the manual can be purchased for under $100. With a manual treadmill you can avoid weather-related circumstances that may interfere with your workout. You can run, power walk, walk, lunge and side skip on a manual treadmill, just as if you were on an automatic treadmill.

Build Your Speed
With a manual treadmill, you cannot set your own speed, but you can build your own speed by walking or running on the belt. You can start by walking, followed by a power walk, followed by a jog and then ending in a sprint. It is important to remember that there is not an emergency button to halt the moving belt, as with most electronic models. If you need to get off suddenly, grab hold of the handles and jump so both feet land on the platforms around the moving belt. The belt will slow down on its own.

Specifications of Huijun Fold-able Manual Home Treadmill (Pink)

What's in the box:
  • 1 x Huijun Fold-able Manual Home Treadmill (Pink)
General Features:
Model PackageDealPromo-huijunManual-5185
Size (L x W x H cm) 129 x 56 x 135
Weight (kg) 22
Warranty period 1 Month
Warranty type Local Supplier Warranty
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    1 year ago
    sa price masasabi ko unbeatable,, quality yes totoo makapal ang
    mga bakal,,aside from short ung 2 screws na dineliver sa kin,, manageble over all,,Patok ang product na ito!!thanks Lazada
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  • Five Stars
    1 year ago
    Performance very good and were are satisfied.
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  • Five Stars
    1 year ago
    Good Quality, matibay at makapal yung mga bakal!
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