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HP small

HP Philippines’ Tech Expands from the Decades

Hewlett-Packard’s roots came from the 1960s as a technological support group for SMB companies. Fast-forward to today, and the garage-sized company became one of the most successful powerhouses of the electronics world. HP evolved through the years, advancing on their field, when opportunity strikes. Today, you could see HP’s trademark logo anywhere in your office, school, or home. You might own an HP laptop, or use an HP PC at your work. It’s even more likely that you print your files using an HP printer. Wherever you are, you can be sure that HP’s strong influence can reach you.

HP Philippines Keep their Tech Balanced

One of the more impressive aspects of HP is the balance of the tech they produce. While most electronics company would shift on what’s popular and pour their resources in at one specific device, HP focuses on being consistent with their tech, often producing the gadgets they’re known for: PCs, laptops, and printers. The brand would release a new gadget, or two, but these are made to enhance what they already have in store for us. They go with what works and the following they have can attest to their success.

Why should you choose HP?

  • HP’s decades of history as a tech group proves that it is a seasoned company
  • Products are targeted for large businesses and are made specifically to help push a business, and keep a company afloat.
  • One of the most prominent printer brands worldwide
  • HP adapts their products, constantly changing and upgrading to suit people of different generations.

HP long

    HP Laptops

  • HP Pavilion series: The brand’s premiere laptop line. The HP Pavilion series carries the brands name in producing the best laptops for everyday use. The idea of this series is to showcase the progress of the brand’s laptops, incorporating the latest technologies on the latest iterations of the devices. Today, the Pavilion sports touchscreen capabilities and 360-degree rotating hinge, allowing you to use the laptop as a larger tablet.
  • HP Social Media Notebooks: HP’s attempt to create a laptop solely for online use, led to the development of the HP Chromebook and HP Stream Notebook devices. These two devices may run different OS (Chrome OS and Windows 8 respectively), but the idea between the series is similar. These notebooks are for online use, communication, and access to different sites and social media.
  • Professional HP Laptops: HP’s original goal is to provide the best devices for business. This goal has been first achieved with HP’s Elite series. These laptops run the business-oriented Windows 7 Professional OS on a slim design, allowing business workers to carry and use the device wherever they go. HP is also home to the ZBook, the brand’s mobile workstation that sports the same functions and features of a full-fledged desktop on a portable PC.

    HP Printers

  • HP Envy Series: HP’s digital printer for high res images. This sleek printer is for causal photographers who want to print out stills that they’ve captured on their pro cameras. The Envy printers are also compatible with any mobile devices, allowing you to wirelessly print photos from your phone or tablet.
  • HP Officejet series: The brand’s business printer for office use. This printer isn’t the stereotypical device that breaks down when needed. This durable and dependable printer can partner with up to 15 computers and can remotely print documents up to 70 pages per minute. The office printers also have energy-saving features.
  • HP Deskjet series: The printer series for casual use, the devices under the series aren’t simply just printers but also scanners and photocopiers. Some of the printers in the series also have wireless connectivity, allowing you to print your files through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

    HP Desktop PC

  • HP EliteDesk: This premium desktop series for work has multiple connectivity, allowing you to work different HP devices even while stationary. The business PC line runs Windows 7 Professional, which can be upgraded to Windows 8. Pair one HP desktop with a proper monitor and a reliable keyboard, and use this PC to finish all your work-related tasks quickly.
  • HP Envy Recline Desktop: Widely considered as an all-in-one PC, this desktop is a very flexible, yet formidable computer suited for designing and media development. The PC series run powerful specs on its large touchscreen display. You can also use this PC for work, or watch HD films and movies on its reliable and beautiful screen
  • HP Pavilion Desktop: It is often rare that a desktop is made from the likeness of a laptop, but the Pavilion all-in-one desktop provides solid features for casual use. Its unique design houses high connectivity between all wireless devices. The mouse and keyboard are all connected to this very high-tech PC that is fun to use.