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Brand: Xenon
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Xenon Philippines: One of the Country’s Leading Electronic Brands

Everyone can see how electronics production in the Philippines is constantly evolving. We can say a lot about the production of Philippine-made electronics and the quality of these products Who knew that a Philippine-made mobile phone and smart phones are now available? We can also boast the car that is in the making which was also created by Filipinos. Now that talented Filipinos are running some of the major industries, we can now truly support what they made. Xenon is one of the country’s leading electronic brands since 2000, and the brand is totally Pinoy.

Get the best Xenon products online

Xenon is your all around electronic brand that is definitely worth the buy. What started out as multimedia speakers and DVD players way back year 2000, suddenly transitioned into a highly demanded producer of more and more electronics such as TV, Microphone, Speakers, and even car accessories. Check for Xenon reviews online and be amazed how a Filipino brand managed to be on top the electronic game competing with big international names. Not only should you buy Xenon products to express Pinoy pride but also because it is really worth the buy.

Why choose Xenon?

  • Made by Filipino for Filipinos
  • Wide range of electronics to choose from; for your home, car, and entertainment
  • Quality products that are built to last
  • 15 years of continuously providing great electronic products

    TV Sets

  • Types: Xenon’s diverse televisions are very impressive, considering that the all-Pinoy brand also produces other appliances and electronics. The ranges of their TVs include LCD TVs, Full-HD TVs, and Smart LED TVs.
  • Features: The brand’s variety of TVs available do not affect the performance of each device. In fact, the Xenon TV’s technical features fit what the Filipino user would want on their TVs. These televisions also feature Full-HD resolutions and reliable connectivity through all the latest ports
  • Sizes: The variety of Xenon’s televisions are not only seen on the TV types but also of their sizes. The most popular of their devices are the 24-inch LED TV, 32-inch Full-HD LED TV, and the 40-inch Smart TV.


  • Types: Xenon also produces reliable speakers for quality audio entertainment. Their speaker systems come in as multimedia speakers and home speaker systems.
  • Features: Most of the brand’s speakers are made as part of an overall Xenon home theater system. These audio devices are powerful, connective, and are fully equipped to suit perfectly the devices.
  • Variants: The most standard of Xenon’s speakers is the PRO series. This minimalist speaker boasts amplifier features. The AX system provides more of a complete set, with separate speakers for the bass and mids.

    DVD and Blu-ray Players

  • Types: Completing the set of Xenon’s premium home electronics are their Blu-ray and DVD players, both coming in standard home player and portable variant. The DVD players can connect well with the Xenon TV, adding more connectivity and viewing options for your home
  • Features: The Xenon Blu-ray and DVD players perform their standard uses, being able to play DVDs and Blu-ray disks on your TV. Aside from these, the players also add more connectivity to your TV, being able to play content from USB.
  • Available products: The brand’s DVD players come in the standard version for homes, and a portable version, with a screen, for on the go use.