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The Best Items of Slique Bakeware Utensils

Baking is such a fun activity and surprisingly not a lot of people are into it. However, when you lack the right equipment, this can cause headache and and can be quite a challenge. Just like a mechanic when fixing a car, you also need to get the proper tools in order for you to finish your baked goods. Even if your just new to the baking or already a pro chef, Slique brand can help you out.

This international brand is now in the country for several years now, delivering premium and high quality bakeware and cookware. Slique has a wide range of kitchenware and cookware that are reliable and quality tested. This include a variety of jugs, muffin pans, cutlery, cutting board, place mats and many more. Basically, whatever you need in cooking, they got it covered.

Shop For Baking Utensils from Slique Philippines

You can bring out smile in everybody’s faces when you create cute and yummy cupcakes. This pastry is loved by both kids and grown-ups, and they will definitely not resist into these delicious treat. And with the help of Slique pan, creating delectable dishes are now possible—fast and easy as well. The pan is available in different shapes, perfect for muffins, cupcakes and mini pies. It comes with double layer nonstick coating, assured that your baked goodies will not stick to the pan. Made with durable heavy metal steel, it can handle the demands of a busy baker at the same time resilient and will last for years. Another thing is most of the pan comes with hefty capacity, saving you lots of time, effort, and expense.

For many years, Slique has become a trusted brand. Whether you’re a beginner or a pastry master chef, you can put trust your on this brand. For practical and long lasting use of bakeware and cookware utensils, nothing is better than Slique. Reasonable prices of this brand’s product line await you in the country’s leading online shopping site. Complete your bakeware collection by investing on Slique.

Why choose Slique?

  • The brand is recognized in the country for producing high quality bakeware and kitchen items
  • They offer a wide variety of bakeware and cooking utensils
  • Products come with affordable price range

    Muffin Pan

  • Materials: This pan is commonly made with high quality heavy duty construction steel metal which is long lasting and resilient
  • Features: It comes with double layer nonstick coating ad are dishwasher safe. Available in various shapes and sizes
  • Use: This is used to create cute and yummy pastries like cupcakes and muffins


  • Materials: These pans are made with high quality materials such as carbon and heavy duty steel
  • Features: Available in various shapes, sizes and thickness. Choose from frying pans, woks, and sauce pans
  • Use: Use any of these pans for cooking delicious meals


  • Materials: This cutlery are usually made with high quality stainless steel with colorful and durable handle.
  • Features: It comes with a rack and are dishwasher safe.
  • Use: It completes any cookware needs. Available in tea spoon, fork, spoon, knife and a rack