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How do I track my order status?

You can track your order online 24/7 by following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your order number and email address
  3. Press "Check now" to check your order status

Or you can just click on Order Tracking on the top right of Lazada page, enter your order number and email address, then press "Track" to check your order status.

I can't track my order on courier tracking page. How do I track my order?

Tracking information from our third party couriers will be available after 24-48 business hours after your order has been shipped out.

Still, you can check your order status with our Order Tracking tool Lazada's system is updated daily to provide you with the best tracking service.

If after 2 business days you still have problem with your tracking number, please reach out to us at or through our hotline (02)795 8900 and we will assist you right away.

What is the shipping rates and surcharges?

Lazada offers free shipping within Metro Manila. Free shipping for Luzon for orders above or equal to Php 1,000 and free shipping for Visayas and Mindanao for orders above or equal to Php 2,000.

For orders below these amounts, a shipping fee will be applied:

Shipping Method Basket Size below ₱1,000 Basket Size between ₱1,000 and ₱2,000 Basket Size greater than ₱2,000
Metro Manila FREE
Luzon 99 FREE
Visayas 119 FREE
Mindanao 119 FREE
Special Areas 700

For Out of Delivery Zones, there is a flat charge of PHP 700. Please see for the complete list of areas that are out of service areas for our logistic providers.

You can read more about Shipping at

How do I check my shipping fee when placing an order?

During checkout process, you can check your shipping fee in the Order Summary box.

What is the bulky fee for?

Your bulky fee is used to pay for licensing and insurance that protect you and your goods against unscrupulous or hazardous situations.

For futher information, please visit our shipping page

How is my bulky fee calculated?

Your fees are calculated based on volumetric weight or dim weight of your item. Dim weight is computed using the formula, Length x Height x Width / 3500. The charges vary depending on the weight as seen below.

DIM Weight (in KG) GMA Luzon Visayas Mindanao / Special Areas
20 Free 190.00 300.00
21 Free 200.00 320.00
22 Free 215.00 335.00
23 Free 225.00 355.00
24 Free 235.00 370.00
25 Free 250.00 390.00
26 Free 260.00 410.00
27 Free 270.00 425.00
28 Free 280.00 440.00
29 Free 295.00 460.00
30 Free 305.00 480.00
31 Free 200.00 305.00 480.00
32 Free 215.00 325.00 510.00
33 Free 230.00 345.00 535.00
34 Free 245.00 370.00 565.00
35 Free 260.00 390.00 595.00
36 Free 275.00 415.00 625.00
37 100.00 290.00 435.00 650.00
38 115.00 305.00 460.00 680.00
39 130.00 320.00 480.00 705.00
40 140.00 340.00 505.00 735.00
41 155.00 360.00 525.00 765.00
42 170.00 380.00 550.00 790.00
43 180.00 400.00 570.00 820.00
44 195.00 420.00 595.00 850.00
45 210.00 440.00 615.00 880.00

For higher kilogram bulky fee please click on this link

When will I receive my order?

After you have successfully placed your order, our Customer Service team will conduct a verification process and update you as soon as possible by email and SMS.

After successful verification (time frame: within 24 - 48 hours after ordered date), you can expect to receive your order within the following time frame:

  • In Metro Manila Areas: 1 – 7 calendar days (except Sundays and holidays)
  • In Non-Metro Manila Areas: 5 – 12 calendar days (except Sundays and holidays)

Note: For orders of high capacity powered items (i.e. battery bank) and items with liquid content (i.e. perfume, ink cartridges) for delivery to Visayas and Mindanao areas, item(s) will be shipped via sea due to aviation/airline restrictions. Please expect an additional 15 days on top of the expected delivery date.

For imported items from Hong Kong (identified as screenshot below):

The delivery may take within 20 - 30 calendar days. Specific lead time of each product can be found on its detail page.

To get a more specific delivery window, please refer to
Also, you can check your order status anytime online with our Order Tracking tool

I ordered multiple items but I only received one, where are my other items?

Whenever we encounter multiple items in a single order, we ship each item as soon as they are made available.

Shipping time for all items under one order number will still follow the applicable delivery time frame on your area.

Can I prearrange the date of delivery?

Our courier service is unable to provide scheduling of deliveries; therefore we can not guarantee the delivery of your order for a specific time or date.

Yet you can rest assured we are working closely with our service partners to allow us to better serve you in the future.

Do you deliver during weekends and holidays?

Your orders may be delivered on a weekend or a holiday depending on our courier's availability. You will be notified should your order be delivered outside of business days.

I need my order now, can Lazada speed up the delivery?

Although we currently do not have an option for express delivery, we always ensure that your orders are delivered within the promised delivery timeframe.

I just received an email saying that my item has been shipped. When will I receive my order?

Once shipped, you should receive your order within the promised delivery timeframe of 1–7 business days for Metro Manila areas and 5–12 business days for non-Metro Manila areas. Please note that deliveries for imported items may take longer.

I ordered multiple items, but why did I receive only one email and one tracking number?

We usually send one notification per order number even if this includes multiple items. You will however receive one notification for every item that is tagged as shipped or out for delivery.

How can I know the exact date and time of delivery?

Our courier service is unable to provide the exact date and time of delivery however we can assure you that your order will be delivered within our promised delivery time frame.

Can I receive a call before delivery?

You will receive a SMS notification once your order is out for delivery and our rider will communicate with you via call or SMS upon arrival at your address.

Why do I receive my order in separate deliveries?

Lazada is a platform for various merchants which is why items may come from different places.

Can I cancel my order after order has been shipped?

For cancellation requests, please call us or send us an email through so we can advise our courier to stop the delivery ahead of time.

What if I am not at home when the package arrives?

You will need to sign a letter of authorization as a confirmation and indicate a second party at the point of purchase to identify the person.

You can also contact our customer service at immediately after purchasing to inform us. The third party should present a valid ID along with the letter of authorization from you.

Is there any domestic area Lazada can not deliver to?

Lazada Philippines can deliver to all serviceable areas. However, there are still some geographical restrictions. If our couriers are not able to deliver to your area, we will inform you through call right after you place your order.

We work in partnership with LBC. For orders within Metro Manila, we deliver within 7 business days upon finalizing the full payment. For orders outside Metro Manila, we deliver within 12 business days with the exception of some remote areas.

Does Lazada offer international shipments?

International shipment is not available at Lazada at the moment.

Can Lazada deliver the package to my office?

Lazada will deliver your order following the address you provide during checkout, whether it is your house address or office address.

In case you want to change your delivery address afterward, please send us your inquiry at, we will help you to change the address and also send you a confirmation once done.

NOTE:Delivery addresses can only be changed if the orders have not been endorsed or packed by Lazada or our Partner merchant. Once endorsed, we can no longer change the invoices since these are already printed and orders have already been handed over to our couriers.

Can I pick up my order at Lazada office?

Lazada doesn't offer this option for now.

Can I purchase multiple items and have it delivered to different shipping addresses?

We currently do not offer delivering different items to different addresses for the same order.

Should you want to have your items delivered to different addresses, we would recommend placing different orders (items to be delivered to the same shipping address should be put together in 1 order).

Why was my order or part of my order shipped via sea?

For orders of high capacity powered items (i.e. battery bank) and items with liquid content (i.e. perfume, ink cartridges) for delivery to Visayas and Mindanao areas, item(s) will be shipped via sea due to aviation/airline restrictions. Please expect an additional 15 days on top of the expected delivery date.

For shipped via sea, you may refer to the information found in the product description:

Acetal Acetal Ammunition
Acetal Chloride Acetic Acid Animals
Acetic Acid Acetone Compressed Flammable (Butane, Liquid Nitrogen, Highly Pressurized Oxygen, LPG, Ethanol, Gasoline)
Acetone Acetylene Corrosive Materials (Acids, Alkaline, Mercury, Wet cells Batteries)
Acetylene Acridine Explosive Materials
Acid Acrylic Acid Flammable Liquid (Plants and Thinner, Light Fuels, Matches, Fire lighters)
Acridine Adhesive Guns, and Gun Parts
Acrolein Aerosols Human Remains
Acrolynitrille Alcohol Oxidizing materials (Bleaching powder, peroxides)
Acrylic Acid Alkali Poisonous and infectious substance (pesticides, insecticides, weed killers, live virus materials)
Adhesive Products(containing flammable liquid) Aluminum alkylhaides Radioactive materials
Aerosol Cans (e.g. hairspray) Barium azide
Air Bag modules (car) Batteries (wet cell)
Air Guns Battery fluid
Alarm Devices(gas or battery powered) Benzene
Alcoholic beverages (not more than 5 liters) Black Powder (gun powder)
Alcohol (not more than 70% alcohol by volume) Blasting Caps
Alkali Brake fluid
Alkaline Butane
Allyl Calcium or calcium alloy
Aluminum Alkyl Halides Camphor
Aluminum Borohydride Chargese (propellants)
Aluminum Powder Chlorine
Ammonia Choloroform
Ammonial Powder Coal
Ammonial Products Coal tar
Ammonium Nitrate Compressed Flammable (Butane, Liquid Nitrogen, Highly Pressurized Oxygen, LPG, Ethanol, Gasoline)
Ammunition Corrosive Materials (Acids, Alkaline, Mercury, Wet cells Batteries)
Ammunition (all kind of bullets) Cyanide
Animals (Dead or Alive) De-icing fluids
Anti Freeze Deithylamine
Appliances(containing batteries) Detonators
Asbestos Disenfectants
Azodicarbonamide Dyes
Barium Explosives
Barium Azide Expoxy (in any form)
Barometers Flammable Liquid (Plants and Thinner, Light Fuels, Matches, Fire lighters)
Batteries (e.g. car or wet) Formaldebyde
Batteries(contained in any appliance and toys) Gas
Battery Fluid Hydrogen
Benzene Ink
Black Powder (gun powder) Isoprophyl
Blasting Caps Isoprophyl
Bleach Jewelries
Brake Fluid Labels/Stickers for CD's/DVD's
Bromine Lead Arsenites
Bromoacetone Lighter fluids
Bullets Lithium
Bullion Lithium batteries
Butane Magnesium
Butyl Manganese
Calcium Dithionite (Calcium Hydrosulphite) Matches
Calcium or Calcium Alloy Mercury
Camphor Methane
Caps For Starting Guns Motor Spirits
Caps For Toy Guns Napthalene
Carbon Nicotine (compound or prap)
Carbon Paper Nitiric Acid
Cartridge for weapons (rifle magazines) Octane
Cash or Currency Organic pesticides
Caustic Soda Oxidizing materials (Bleaching powder, peroxides)
Charcoal Oxygen (liquified)
Charges (propellant) Paints
Chemicals Perfumery Products with flammable solvents
Chlorates Petroleum oil or base
Chlorine Phosporous liquids
Chloro Sulphonic Acid Pine oil
Chloroacetone Pirated and Blank CD's, DVD's and the like
Chloroform Poisonous and infectious substance (pesticides, insecticides, weed killers, live virus materials)
Chloropicin Pornographic Materials
Cigarette Lighters Potassium
Cleaning Materials (liquid or powder) Primers
Coal (hard or powdered) Projectiles
Coal Tar Propane
Compressed Gas (Ex. Oxygen Tanks, Hair Sprays) Radioactive materials
Cyanide Radioactive substances
De - icing fluids Resin oil
Decaborance Vinyl Chloride
Deiththylamine Zirconium powder
Deodorant (aerosols)
Detonators (chords, igniters, blasting caps)
Drugs (unless in prescription quantities)
Dry Ice
Electronic Items
Essential Oils(e.g. eucalyptus, tea tree) Ethyl Acetate
Ethyl Methyl Ether
Explosives of any kind (liquid, solid or gas) Explosives, Replicas
Ferric Arsenate
Fiberglass Repair Kits
Fire Extinguishers
Fire Lighters
Firearms (parts thereof)
Fireworks (e.g. skyrockets, sparklers, crackers)
Flares (smoke signals)
Flint Lighters
Furs and Skins (Animal)
Gas (e.g. propane, butane, hydrogen, helium)
Gas Cylinders (e.g. camping gas)
Generators(fuel powered)
Glue (e.g. flammable, quick drying)
Gun Parts (replicas or real)
Gun Replicas
Hair Coloring / Bleaches
Hairspray (aerosol)
Human Remains (including ashes)
Hydrogen Chloride, Refrigerated Liquid
Ice (wet or dry)
Indecent Goods
Infectious Substances (are expected to contain, pathogens. Pathogens are defined as micro-organisms - including bacteria, viruses, rickettsiae, parasites, fungi)
Knife (should be properly packed, with casing and outer packaging)
Labels/Stickers for CD's/DVD's
Laundry Detergents
Lead Arsenites
Lighter Fluid
Lighter Gun Replicas
Liquid Nitrogen
Lithium Batteries
Live Animals
Lottery Tickets
Magnesium Diamide
Magnetic Material (Magnesium Powder)
Maneb or Maneb Preparation
Medical or clinical wastes
Medical Samples (biological specimens, blood, urine, fluids, tissue samples, etc.)
Money (coins, currency, paper money, and negotiable instruments equivalent to cash such as endorsed stocks, bonds and letters
Motor Fuels
Munitions of War
Nail Polish
Nail Polish Remover
Narcotics (illegal)
Nickel Carbonyl
Nitric Acid
Organic Pesticides
Oven Cleaners (which include caustic soda)
Oxygen (liquified)
Oxygen Cylinders
Paint (any kind)
Patient Specimens
Perfume (without inner and outer packaging)
Perfumery Products (with flammable solutions)
Petroleum, oil or base
Pine oil
Pirated and Blank CD's, DVD's and the like
Pirated CD's (CD sticker labels)
Plastic Solvent
Poisonous Liquids
Poisons(e.g cyanide, lead, arsenic)
Polychlorinated Biphenyls, Liquid or Polyhalogenated Terphenyls, Liquid or Solid
Polyester Resin Kits
Potassium Dithionite (Potassium Hydrosulphite)
Pyphoric (Solid) Metal, Phyphoric Alloy
Pyphoric Liquid
Pyrophoric or Calcium Alloys
Radioactive Materials
Rags, Oily
Reloading Machine for Ammunitions
Resin Oil
Shock Absorbers (gas or compressed air)
Signals, Distress
Signals, Smoke
Sodium (Sodium Dithionite, Sodium Hydrosulphite)
Sodium Chlorite
Sulphur Molten
Sulphuric Acid
Swimming Pool Chemicals
Tea Tree Oil
Tear Gas
Telescopic Sight
Textile Dyes, Textile Waste, Wet
Theatrical Flares
Titanum Powder, Dry
Toner (e.g. photocopier)
Toy Caps
Tracers (for ammo)
Two Way Radios w/o NTC Permit
Vinyl Chloride
Weed Killers
Wool Waste
Zinc Ammonium Nitrate
Zirconium Powder Dry Finished Sheets, Strip or Coiled Wire
Any items, the AIR transport of which is prohibited by law, regulation or statute of the National or Local Government.

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