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Hanabishi for Your Household

Hanabishi is a brand that has become a household name due to their affordable yet quality home appliances that was founded in 1987. Their first product – the electric fan – has brought them fame and made them rise against their competitors. Now, Hanabishi is a brand that is stamped on countless of varieties of products like their water dispensers, air conditioners, washing machines, microwaves, electric ovens, and more! Their appliances are known for possessing a high level of excellence and have maintained the same strict product standards and safety features.

The company aims to help their consumers and provide them with home appliances that echo Hanabishi's mission: to combine quality, innovation, style, and quality in each of their products wherein the market will greatly benefit from.

Make Living a Breeze with Hanabishi

Being around for more than two decades, Hanabishi continuously improves and innovates each and every one of the products that they release; may the difference be in terms of design, components used, or the features. Every woman desires to equip her abode with quality home appliances, what better way to do it than with Hanabishi? Select from a wide variety of home appliances that are staples in every household such as electric fans, water kettles, toasters, electric stoves, and more. Make living a breeze with Hanabishi. And make living a breeze with online shopping for you can also buy your favorite home appliances from effortless and risk-free shopping sites in the Philippines.