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Brand: Ab Rocket
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Ab Rocket Philippines: Catering to your abdominal fitness needs

The Ab Rocket brand is famous for their line of Ab exercising machine they named as Ab Rocket Twister. These models are used to develop your abs without the strain on head and neck, not to mention they are “now” the celebs favorite. Apparently the brand’s ab exercising machine have the technology to really work on your stomach muscles as you go up and down with the machine thus having a stable workout on that part of your body. The product also have the function to make movements sideways rendering a good exercise work for your oblique stomach muscles. Truly, an overall partner on your ab developing workout to reach that desired stomach form with less grind.

Ab Rocket Twister for better workout results outside of the gym

Having a fit body is everyone’s needs and wants and… New Year’s resolution (stereotypical right?). The biggest problem on having the dedication of getting a fit body is the proper mindset and division of time. Mind set to really do your workout in the standard number of times or maybe much more, and then time to complete and do your workout routine on a consistent basis. Some time management problem includes going to the gym, because some people just don’t have the time to go outside, carry their gym bags and grind their way to a healthy body. But don’t worry because there are ways to get your wanted body form right in the comfort of your home! With the Ab Rocket Twister you get more than the results of having your workout on the gym. These machines have the technology and versatility to toil your muscles up especially the abs area. Also, they are designed to give you comfort while completing your workout routine with ease!

Why choose Ab Rocket?

  • The brand offers variety of items for ab workout.
  • Their products have functional designs and features.
  • Their items are built for a comfortable way of exercising.
  • They cater affordable products despite its good quality.

    Ab Rocket Twister

  • Uses: The product is designed to work on upper, lower and oblique abs.
  • Features: Ab rocket twister have backrest that includes padded massage rollers. It has also twisting padded swivel seats.
  • Designs: You can choose from colors red and blue.

    Ab Rocket Wheel

  • Uses: The wheel helps to reduces your waistline, burn off excess calories, tones abdomen, waist, arms, back and shoulders.
  • Features: Reduces your waistline, burn off excess calories, tones abdomen, waist, arms, back and shoulders.
  • Designs: It resembles a rolling pin with wheels in the center. the products comes in may colors

    Ab Rocket Trainer

  • Uses: This kind of abdominal chair is designed to work upper abs, lower abs, and obliques.
  • Features: It has a backrest that includes soft cushion for back massage while working.
  • Designs: Comes in various colors like red and blue.