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Brand: Kyowa
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The World of Kyowa

Kyowa is one of the most acknowledged brands all throughout the country for providing quality and affordable home appliances in the Philippines since 1988. In the early 90s, it has been renowned for its rechargeable lanterns that has provided light for Filipino homes during the irregular brownouts in those times. Aside from the emergency lamps, one of this brand's flagship items is the rice dispenser that can store your rice and perishable goods and keep them away from molds.

Kyowa Philippines: Your Home Appliances Specialist

This brand now has a complete line of electric appliances that are perfect for your home and are very easy to use. The company has provided different models of blender, juicer, rice cooker, and vacuum cleaner to make your house feel a little more cozy and tidy to live in. Needless to say, the brand has continuously produced items that have passed quality and safety tests that is why it has been almost synonymous with home appliances that makes the homes more comfortable to live in.

Why choose Kyowa Appliances?

  • This brand offers stylish items that are easy to use for the Filipino families
  • Kyowa has been awarded the Peoples Choice Award and Seal of Product Quality Award
  • There are available products for the starting and larger families
  • Kyowa ensures the safety of the items through quality check during and after production


  • Capacity:This brand has 1.3, 1.5, and 1.7 liter jug capacity blenders
  • Material:There are available plastic and glass pitchers for the blenders
  • Features: The blenders of this brand have safety lock
  • Other Features: The blenders have 8- 12 speed setting with pulse blending control

    Vacuum Cleaner

  • Capacity:The vacuum cleaners have different weight of dust capacity and full level dust bag indicator
  • Material: This items is made of durable hard plastic and telescopic metal tube
  • Features: This brand uses a 3-filter system for the vacuum cleaner to ensure the neatness of your homes
  • Other Features: The item has a 360° hose swivel rotation and retractable power cord

    Rice Cooker

  • Capacity:This brand has 1, 1.5, and 1.8 liter capacity for their rice cookers
  • Material:This item is made of heat resistant hard plastic
  • Features: Can cook rice in just a few minutes
  • Other Features: Has a built-in steamer for your other dishes

    Juice Extractor

  • Capacity:This brand can extract juice up to 1 liter per process depending on the fruit and/or vegetable availability
  • Material:This is made of hard plastic, stainless steel blade and micro mesh filter basket
  • Features: The juicers of this brand have safety locks and high powered motor
  • Other Features: The juice extractors have dual speed setting with pulse control