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Creative: The Future of Audio

Creative Technology Ltd. is a company that is based in Singapore, specifically located in Jurong East, Singapore. They design, manufacture, and distribute digitized sound and video boards, computers as well as related multimedia and entertainment products. It was founded in 1981 by Sim Wong Hoo – the firm was initially a computer repair shop, where Sim Wong Hoo urbanized an add-on memory board for the Apple II computer.

After a while, Creative Technology Ltd. started modifying PCs adapted in Chinese and a part of this design involved better audio capabilities that can produce speech and melodies. Their endeavor became a success which later on led to the development of the individual sound card.

Groundbreaking Creative Products

Since the beginning of Creative Technology Ltd. they have moved on to greener pastures by focusing on computer accessories that are for audio purposes. Their wide array of product line consists of speakers, headphones, and earphones. Each and every one of Creative’s products are equipped with different designs and features that can cater to different lifestyles.

Quality audio accessories are not difficult to come across as Creative makes sure that all their items are made with the highest standards. Each and every one developed to provide the best entertainment and sound quality that they can. Their mission is to expand their leadership role in the lifestyle Personal Digital Entertainment market through the latest technology and designs for everybody who wants to enjoy entertainment. Creative focuses on user-friendly interfaces, groundbreaking features, and amazing industrial designs.