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Kingston small

Remember Kingston Philippines For Your PC Needs

When it comes to small memory storage and RAM, no other company would come close to Kingston in terms of popularity. Starting out as a memory chip company to combat the shortage of computer-related peripherals, Kingston grew beyond internal storage, creating more accessible devices that are more familiar to the casual computer user. Starting out with USBs, the company soon found their proper footing on the storage market, producing gigabytes of memory drivers for computers. Pretty soon, their USBs, camera SD cards, and microSDs became popular globally, with the brand’s name becoming associated within the particular market.

Kingston Memory is the Best in PC Solutions

Of course, immense popularity doesn’t always mean success in the industry, especially if you want your company to make the best product you can offer. Kingston constantly upgrades their storage-making skills, making newer and better drivers and cards with each computer upgrade. Also, the brand has started reproducing computer RAMs that can work with and boost almost any working PC. With Kingston constantly upgrading their tech, they also make sure that the newer products have a degree of backward compatibility, making their devices work on even the most basic computers out there.

Why choose Kingston?

  • One of the most well-known storage companies worldwide
  • Has a variety of reliable storage products for different users
  • Reasonable prices for storage drivers, especially for those with higher memory capacities

    Kingston Data Traveler USBs

  • Kingston Data Traveler SE/GE series: The brand’s all metallic USB is sleek and durable, due to its all-around metallic unibody design. The USB is minimalist, but this is capable of transferring files from all computer OS and comes in a variety of storages up to 128GB. The SE comes in both USB 2.0 and 3.0 variants.
  • Kingston Data Traveler microDuo: This small USB storage has the capacity to send and receive files from all types of devices, due to its USB-OTG compatibility. The flash disks in the series also provide fast transfer speeds between devices. The USB-OTG in the series are differentiated from USB 2.0 and 3.0, and its 8GB – 64GB capacities.
  • Kingston Data Traveler HyperX: The brand’s hardcore and reliable storage USB for business, the HyperX puts all the technologies Kingston has to provide the fastest and largest USB connection made. The USBs under the series hits the terabyte mark, providing 1TB storage, with 400 MBPs speed in transferring important files and documents from your SMB.

    Kingston Memory RAMs

  • System Specific Memory: The brand’s system specific RAM provides third party-developed RAM that will work with any known PCs built. The RAM encompasses different devices, eventually branching off from PCs and into system servers that need the added memory.
  • Kingston Value RA M: Unlike the System Specific RAM, this memory device is made from specific uses. The RAM is mainly used for professional PCs and computers that need more specific
  • Kingston Hyper X Memory: The brand’s hardcore and heavy-duty memory for gaming. This sleek RAM is purposely made so that the games you play on your PC do not suffer lagwhile playing

    Kingston Flash Cards

  • Camera SD card: The brand’s premium SD cards for camera are made in different types, for different uses. There are professional SDs for pro camera people, Class 10 for continuous use, and Class 4 for casual use. The SD cards all come with write-protect feature on their left-hand switches
  • microSD cards: The brand also has a variety of microSD cards for mobile phone memory expansion. The brands are split between microSDXC and microSDHC, each coming in varying types and storage capacities.
  • Compact Flash Cards: These camera memories for video camcorders and DSLRs vary in their use. Some flash cards are made solely for camcorders, while other cards are made for professional DSLRs. Nevertheless, these compact flash cards all max their capacities at 64GB.