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Coby Philippines: Low-End Price, High-End Quality

Aren't we lucky that we can now watch movies from small devices? Before, people have to watch films from theater — they fall in line for hours just to watch a movie in the silver screen. However, you can only watch it for once or twice on the same day; you can’t watch it again in the next day without paying another fee. As time goes by, people have invented a lot of devices to settle this inconvenience.

Movies are now accessible in the comfort of our homes. You can now watch your favorite films all over again. One of the intelligent brands who are committed to serve our convenience is Coby Electronics. They have produced multiple devices that we can use at home, like DVD players and other entertainment appliances. In the Philippines, it’s always the affordability of the product that comes first. Who wouldn't want their products at a reasonable price and of good quality, anyway? If you are in search for a high-end device but low in terms of price, Coby is the one.

Coby Philippines: Equip it for Your Daily Life

Coby has a lot of different devices under its brand name. This company also offers tablets and other electronic gadgets. The company was on the trail in serving. The style and design of their devices are cool and up to date for the youngster. High-quality materials are used for their device. Those materials will hold the devices so that it will last longer. You can choose from colors and functionality of the product.

Whatever you choose you are not going to lose. For more information of the product they offer you can go online for the full list of pricing. You can check online review for you to compare and contrast the product. Also, you may bump to great deals when you buy online. Aside from it is more affordable you can get freebies from the deal. Online shop is the best place to scrutinize the potential product you want. So what are you waiting grab your Coby now.

Why Choose Coby?

  • It offers high-tech devices in low price
  • They are well-known for their portable DVD player
  • Cheaper than other brands the quality is comparable to others
  • It is easy and convenient to use.

    Coby Portable DVD Players

  • Design and features: The brand’s portable DVD players are effective in both in design and features. One of the DVD’s variants come with TFT LCD screen that displays all your favorite movies at near HD resolution.
  • Specs and Connectivity: The Coby DVD players do not only play movies and DVD content. This portable device support analog TV function, complete with a remote and transmission antenna. The player can also play games, and can stream content from USB and SD/MMC/IMC files. Of course, these devices play disk-format movies, commonly DVD/ DVD-R/DVD-RW, VCDs and music CDs.
  • Brands: The brand’s available players include the Coby DVD Player with TV Tuner, and the TFT Portable DVD Player

    Coby Speakers

  • Design and features : Coby’s speaker system comprises the Bluetooth Speaker and Soundbar Speaker, all built to wirelessly enhance the audio of every device paired to them.
  • Specs and Connectivity: These wireless speakers emits loud music at 20Hz -20kHz frequency response with 85dB sensitivity. The Coby speakers are compatible with most mobile phones, mp3 players, computers, and some Smart TVs with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Brands: A few of Coby’s signature speakers include the Coby CSP14 Bluetooth Speaker, Coby CSMP88 Soundbar Speaker, and Coby Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    Coby Tablets

  • Design and Features : The Coby tablet is the brand’s latest addition to their tech arsenal. Produced as an entry-level device for first time tablet users, the Coby device has decent specs and reliable specs.
  • Specs and Connectivity: The Coby tablet series runs either the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS, on a 7-inch IPS display. The tablets come with 5MP and 2MP cameras, with a 4GB storage and 512MB RAM.
  • Brands: The Coby Kyros series covers the tablets of the brand. Among the devices under the series include the Coby Kyros MID7035 Fun Tab 4GB, Coby Kyros MID7046 4GB, Coby Kyros MID7065U 4GB, and the Coby Kyros MID7032 7" 4GB TFT LCD Display